"Part of the Heart of the Sky"??

I bought the Disney Karaoke Princess CD, and the final track is a song called "Part of the Heart of the Sky".

In the enclosed lyric booklet, all the other songs say what movie they are from, but this track lists no origin.

Any ideas? The song sounds like it's being sung by a caterpillar or something.



This song originally appeared on Disney's "Bargain Bin" CD: Be My Friend (info linked below).


It's a beautiful song and is beautifully sung.

'Part Of The Heart Of The Sky' song was originally written for A Bug's Life Sing-Along. Because it was later decided that Heimlich, (the Caterpillar) would not be included in the project, the song was reworked to 'The Star of the Show'. The song is presented in it's original form on this album.