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As I've done research on theme park music, one of the issues I often run into is that it's hard to find information on who composed much of the music. Sure, we know the big ones- Broughton, Bellis, Smith, Debney, etc, but for smaller things it can be difficult. For instance I still can't find out who composed/arranged the Epcot entrance music that's been in use since the millennium celebration ended- according to the OA booklets it's someone with the last name "Woods" (not terribly helpful).

So I was thinking it would be nice to start a list, a database if you will, of who wrote what for what. I've started going through my music library and trying to fill in composer information for the tracks. Here are just a few I've done so far, by no means complete, and I'm hoping others will chime in to add to it:

Bret Simmons
At The Happiest Place on Earth (DL Pre-Parade)
Mickey's Magic Kingdom Celebration (pre-cursor to Parade of Dreams)
Disney's Luminaria

Bruce Broughton
Ellen's Energy Adventure
Honey I Shrunk the Audience
Spaceship Earth (2007)
O' Canada (2007)
Seasons of the Vine

Bruce Healey
Light Magic

Dan Foliart
The Bakery Theme (The Boudin Bakery Tour)
Tomorrowland BGM (2001-Present)

Ed Kalnins
The Seas with Nemo and Friends (attraction)
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Edo Guidotti
Delta Dreamflight

Gavin Greenaway
Illuminations: Reflections of Earth
Tapestry of Dreams/Tapestry of Nations

Gregory Smith

John Debney
Phantom Manor
Disneyland: The First 50 Magical Years

Jonathan Sacks
Monsters Inc: Mike and Sulley to the Rescue

Joseph Alfuso
Disney's Steps In Time
Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade

Mark McKenzie
Stitch's Great Escape

Richard Bellis
Reflections of China
Star Tours
Indiana Jones Adventure
Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular
Gran Fiesta Tour with The Three Caballeros
Lights! Motors! Action!
ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Countdown to Extinction/Dinosaur

As I said, that's just a few to get started, by no means complete (most of these composers have only a couple of their theme park works listed). It really starts to get interesting though, IMO, when you see that different projects you may not have connected were written by the same composer.


edo guidotti:
spaceship earth (jeremy irons version)

joel mcneely:
the hall of president (current)

i think bruce healey did some sort of johnny depp pirates show at disneyland

bruce broughton:
the making of me
the timekeeper
walt disney: one man's dream
mickey's audition
golden dreams
it's tough to be a bug
O' Canada (Eva Avila Song) - he conducted this version
version of hista theme for epcot entrance loop

richard bellis:
alien encounter
dinosaur/countdown to extinction
reflections of china
gran fiesta tour
lights, motors, action stunt show
the hall of presidents
conservation station
star tours
circle of life
honey i shrunk the audience
indiana jones ride
tower of terror
indiana jones stunt show

george wilkins:
the great movie ride
space mountain
sonny eclipse
the enchanted tiki room: under new management
the land boat ride
kilimanjaro safari
california screamin'
mickey's toontown fair
goofy about health
bear band summer vacation
imagination pavilion
jason 1 - ?
roger rabbit cartoon spin
test track
superstar limo

steve bartek:
journey into imagination (version 2)
rocket rods

john debney:

trevor rabin:
mission space

james horner:
captain eo

david newman:
cranium command
back to neverland

leonard rosenman:
body wars

russell brower:
innoventions loop
living seas loop
universe of energy loop

nick glennie-smith:
circle of life

jerry goldsmith:

gregory smith:
remember, dreams come true

also, i just noticed i may have posted duplicates form your post c33 sorry got caught up so you can remove the duplicates if you wish!



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Some of this would be good to tie in with the official albums project...

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Well done! Joel McNeedly also did Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln (2001). Did Steve Bartek work on Journey Into YOUR Imagination, or Journey Into Imagination with Figent, or both?


YOUR imagination not sure if any of it is used in the new version.

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What did Bellis compose for Conservation Station? Trying to be specific here since multiple people worked on certain projects (particularly with Epcot stuff).


i am not sure i just know i see cues from it listed on ascap under his name.


according to Bellis:

"there were kiosks in the conservation station from which you could select a short video on a type of animal and he scored each of those videos."


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Marco Mariangeli:
  • Mickey's Jolly Snowtime (TDL 2008) - Principle Arranger for show & Composed "Snowtime" song
  • Celebrate! A Street Party (DL 2009) - Music & Vocal Arranger

When you get down to trying to give credit for music, you can't really assign all credit to one person. Especially for a show that uses lots of songs from other shows or movies. For example, for Celebrate! A Street Party, the Music Producer is Bruce Healey. The Music Arranger was Marco Marinangeli. The Vocal Arranger was Marco Marinangeli. Recording Engineer - Marinangeli & Various. Post Engineer - Dingman & Pileggi. But who composed the original songs? -- Jamie Houston composed "Pumpin' Up the Party" for Miley Cyrus (which Marinangeli then arranged into the travel loop for CASP). And you can look up who wrote each of the songs used in the various sections of the show stop. So we should try to be specific as to what role they actually performed. It's tough though, as for unreleased music, often the only way to find out is if you happen to see credits listed on a rehearsal disc, or if you happen to talk to someone like Bruce Healey or Don Dorsey.

For the Disneyland Resort in California, Bruce Healey oversees nearly all of the music used in shows and parades. For example, he arranged and produced Tiana's Showboat Jubilee. I believe he also arranged (and composed at least part of) Mickey's Halloween Treat (Cavalcade used from 2007?-2009).


George Wilkins
Carousel of Progress ( WDW 94 version)
Golden Dream Enhancements (American Adventure - Epcot)

George Wilkins wrote quite a bit of non-attraction related music for both Studio Tour and Epcot Innoventions. He wasn't the biggest name in town but he was always working on something and (personal opinion) he is the nicest guy you'd ever want to work with.

John Debney

Splash Mountain (DL)


Here's an interview with Richard Bellis:



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Not to be too picky, but there are several here that are attributed to more than one composer...:blink:
John Debney
It's a Small World (DL 1992-2003?, DLP 1992-present)
Pinocchio's Daring Journey (DL 1984-present, DLP 1992-present)
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (DL 1984-present)
Peter Pan's Flight (DL 1984-present, DLP 1992-present)
Haunted Mansion Holiday (DL 2003-present)
Phantom Manor
Alice in Wonderland (DL 1984-present, MK Mad Tea Party 1993-present, DLP Wonderland area 1992-present) (w/Ira Hearshen)
Much of the MK/DL entrance music (1992-present)

Bobby Hammack
It's a Small World (all locations 1964-present except DL 1966-1992, 2003-present)

Mark Hammond
TDL Jubilation!
Happy HalloWishes/Halloween Screams/Nightmare in the Sky (orchestrated by David Hamilton)
World of Color (orchestrated by David Hamilton)

Gregory Smith
Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights
Remember Dreams Come True
Believe: There's Magic in the Stars
IllumiNations 25 (first version)

Marco Marinangeli
Block Party Bash
Pixar Play Parade/Countdown to Fun
Celebrate! A Street Party/Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It!

Gordon Goodwin
Festival of the Lion King
Disney Stars 'n Motorcars
Cinderella's Surprise Celebration
Haunted Mansion Holiday (2001-2003, some cues still used)

And by the way, it sounded like the production for the 2007 version of "Canada You're a LIfetime Journey" was by either David Foster or Jeremy Lubbock. Is this true?


[And by the way, it sounded like the production for the 2007 version of "Canada You're a LIfetime Journey" was by either David Foster or Jeremy Lubbock. Is this true?

what are you referring to? the song is sung by eva avila and the music for the song was conducted by bruce broughton. not sure who did the actual music for the song though.
What I was referring to was the actual arrangement itself, meaning the guitars, synths, and overall rhythm backing.
The strings were most likely arranged and conducted by Broughton.
just a few additions
George Wilkins in addition to the Vacation Hoedown also did the Country Bear Christmas Special
Bruce Healey also did:
Disney's Electrical Parade 2009 updates ( Cinderella.Pinocchio,Dwarf Mine (High Ho voice) & Finale)
"A Christmas Fantasy Parade"