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This is late notice, but I've got a friend going to Disneyland Paris next week. I speak French fairly well and love Disneyland music, so I thought I'd have him pick me up a CD or two. Anyone aware of what is currently available and any recommendations? I'm particularly interested in stuff in French or that isn't on the recent 2-disc DL and WDW sets and the recent 6-disc History set, as I bought all those already.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

the link definitely is the best place online right now to get an overview.

Personally I would recommend the following CDs:

- The Legend of the Lion King - the soundtrack of the stage show in Videopolis (Disneyland Paris), while it is just once again the same songs from The Lion King, the recording is really nice and all new.

- Les Parades en Musique - since it has the current parades as well as the complete, wonderful score of the 1992 parade

- Disneyland Resort Paris en Musique - it is the best overview of music from the resort

- Frontierland en Musique - nice collection of music from Frontierland including the soundtrack (without dialogue) of the popular Mickey's Winter Wonderland show.

With these three CDs you pretty much cover the essential DLRP music as available right now. There are some other singles that might be interesting, e.g. the Christmas Parade and the Halloween single or the Fantillusion single, but since you wanted to limit yourself regarding the number of CDs I think this three main CDs would be the most comprehensive option. If you want to splurge further I would consider especially the Christmas Parade single. It also includes some music from the tree-lighting "happening" of the last year and some very nice instrumental versions of the song from the parade.

The amount of material available on DLRP-CDs which is found identical on the DL or WDW releases is surprisingly small - even some to be expected lifts as e.g. Star Tours have never been released by DLRP.



I'd get the Dancin' a catchy rhythm CD just because that song's like a staple of DLP (that's being said by someone who's never been there[unfortunately]... but hey ;P), if not Les Parades En Musique.

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Thank you for the link and the info! Very helpful! It looks like I'll go with the Resort en Musique and the Parades en Musique.

Thanks again!