last night i got to see a fantastic rehersal of "Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams! & Remember Dreams Come True! They had the full run-throughs with just some missing costumes but the music was just awesome!!!. The soundtrack to the parade was done by Mark Hammond who does the Disney Mania cd's and well he did a fantastic job to capture this parade!. The parade opens with julie andrews voice and walt's opening day speech. Then each of the units have thier own music corresponding to the film they belong to Beauty and the Beast, Alice, Lion King, ect... As the floats stop for a 2 1/2 min show stop the song "Welcome" is performed with all the facinating effects. Once the song is over Walt's voice procaims "To all who come to this happy place welcome" then the parade continues. I think this parade is going to be hit! It is so much more magical at night! Yes this is also a nightime parade with lights and special effects! So you must see both versions. As for "Remember Dreams Come True" I hate to dissapoint you fans but, the music is actually "WISHES" from walt Disney world just with a new voiceover by Julie Andrews and the new E-Ticket section other than that it's the "WISHES" Music!. The new tinkerbell effect with will just AMAZE you! It's just out of this world!. So there you go there's my review of the new 50th offerings at Disneyland.