Parade of Dreams Music


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Hi all

I have just returned home aftera long holiday in america, and loved the Parade of dreams music every single bit. even the pre show parde, the one that features Mary Poppins etc and they do that dance to the song that says "The happest palce on earth" anyway i was very disapppointed to find out that they did not sell that music on a cd anywhere and i had to settle with a Jump 5 version, I live in Australia and its unlikely that i will be going back to Disnleyland any time soon , even if the Parade of dreams music is released theer is no way of me getting this music unless i can buy it over the web. If anyone knows a place or anything where i can get this please help.

lets hope that it is released soon.


Hi! I'm so glad you liked the show. I really wish I could go see it.

What is this song that mentions "the happiest place on earth"? Is this a new theme song? I haven't seen or heard it on any videos online. Does anyone have a video they would share? Any info on the song at all would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!!!

Have a great day,