Parade of Dreams & Block Party Music- to RANDY!!!!!!


Ok, I am flipping out here.
Randy Thornton, is there going to be a cd with the Parade of Dreams music and the Block Party Bash music?
I noticed that these are not on any of the sets coming out!

Please tell me that they are planning on putting these out sometime!?

Is anyone else here flipping out. Sorry, I was really looking forward to having these as well as all the other incredible stuff coming.

anyone? Randy? AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


Sorry dude... you are probably the only one.

After reading the track list for the 6cd set, I must admit that I am severly shaking my head that the omission of Parade of Dreams & Block Party Music would make you freak out.

It's like someone just gave you a check for 10 million dollars and you are upset because they didnt dot the 'i' in your name with a heart just like you do.

My suggestion: get over it quick and enjoy what tremendous gift we have been given!

Tim C


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I am sure there will eventually be a CD with the parade music on it. I don't know how he could have fit them in the set unless he made it 7 discs. Right now I am just happy about the set and the great songs / sounds we are getting.


Again, for the second time, I am NOT trying to sound ungrateful.
I thank Randy for all of the incredible time consuming work that went into all of the new cds. I am truly thankful that we are getting even one!
Please, everyone, don't beat up on me, I never meant to complain about the cds he put together.

I would just like to know if the parade music will be on cd sometime.

Again, please don't make me out to be a complainer.
I am truly grateful and thankful for everything Randy has done.
I am just entertainment person, and would love, love, love to have the incredible new parade music on cd someday.

thats all

matt d.

Hi tcsnwhite,

There's nothing wrong with being enthusiastic about Disney music. As a relative oldtimer here at the Discussion Forum, my advice is to wait and see (sure ask questions) but wait and see. You never know what may become available. :)

matt d.


I am guessing that it will be a cd with just those 2 tracks. From what I heard they have been having problems with some of the rights to the songs up until just a few weeks ago so that could be why they will be put on a diffrent disk.




You're not the only one flipping out. I really LOVE the track lists for the upcoming stuff, and I am confident that the parades will be released sometime. Let's just hope that's sometime soon.



anybody hear any of the parade music yet?

the show stop music in parade of dreams is so good.
I really hope these are released sometime soon.