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Rob--I thought I was the only one who knew about the Beau Hunks!!! I've always remembered the fascinating, unique music from the old Little Rascals and Laurel and Hardy shorts that I grew up with--then lo and behold, just a few weeks ago, browsing in the local Borders, I stumbled onto the Beau Hunks release, "On to the Show," newly recorded in authentic Lo-Fi, as it states on the CD cover! I'd always wanted to hear more of that music! What wonderful stuff, recorded using period instruments and overhead mikes--terrific recordings bringing us back to days long past--highly recommended!!! Michael. P. S. Some Silly Symphonies music would be a great companion to the Beau Hunks work!

David S.

I must have missed reading Trent's message before my last reply. The computers where I post have been acting really crazy lately and I've fallen behind on reading the board. I'm glad to see the missing material is coming back to the site!


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Micheal, if you've only heard the On to the Show cd, you ain't heard nothin' yet! The On to the Show cd has a few alternate versions of Shield's familiar tunes, but if you want to hear all your favorite Little Rascals and L& H tunes you'll need to go to Bastamusic.com and order their 2 disc box set of L&H music. It has at least 10 tunes I was already familiar with before I bought it. I strongly revcommend it. Along with the WDW and Disneyland Official Album(1991) its one of my desert island discs. The Raymond Scott stuff they do is great too.
Rob, thank you so much for your other recommendation regarding the Beau Hunks--it certainly would be great to hear some of the melodies I've been familiar with from the past. I'll definitely check the website! I realize that we aren't specifically discussing Disney music, but that's the fascinating thing about Walt Disney's music--it encompasses many styles of music that may end up leading you in a variety of interesting directions. Thank you again, Walt! Michael.

David S.

Re:OT: Thanks Randy (Star Wars)


I just wanted to thank you for the tip about the extra track on the Target version of Episode II. I saw the film yesterday and really enjoyed it. The "Love Theme" is beautiful, and the first use of "The Imperial March" (on Tatooine) is quite chilling and powerful in the context of the film.

A very powerful film, musically, visually, and thematically. I definitely think it was an improvement over Episode I (not that Ep I was bad), and this nicely sets up Episode III to be the most dramatic and powerful of the "prequel" trilogy and maybe even the whole series.

Anyway, thanks again for the tip! Otherwise, I would have probably bought the CD today unaware that I was missing a track - but now I know to wait until July when my city's first Target is scheduled to open.

Here's hoping they eventually release a 2 CD set featuring the entire score in perfect chronological order like they did for the other 4 Star Wars films.

As Yoda would say: Great music, this is. Listen to it, I will!