OT: Where is my wandering boy tonight?


Vida Siddons

I'm not sure you can help me. I'm trying to locate my husband. Tracing the cookies left on his internet browser, I was able to determine that this was the last known place that he was seen before his disappearance. His name is Lem. He's a high-spirited cuss with a mind of his own and an insatiable love for Disney music....and broadway show tunes. If you have any information about his whereabouts, please contact me and my 15-year-old son.

Harried in Hickory,

Vida Siddons

Vida Siddons

I'm starting to suspect foul play in the disappearance of my husband, Lem Siddons. My 15-year-old-son found a new 2-disc Disney CD still spinning in the CD carousel. Why would Lem leave something like that playing? Especially something that sounded so "light"...if you know what I mean....not that there's anything wrong with that. Oh Lem...come home to your lovin' wife and your 15-year-old-son.
I don't want to seem harsh in this; but if you really suspect something criminal has happened you need to call law enforcement. That's their job, after all. Outside of contacting the site Admin, it's likely there won't be much information to be had by posting a public message such as this.


I saw him flirting with Tinker Bell this afternoon, but I can't say more! ;)

He might be hidding in some Disneyland bathroom listening to some background music!?

Who knows! :D
Yeah......is this an odd joke?..............and isn't Lem Siddons Fred McMurray's character in "Follow Me Boys"................??

DL Flight 295

Vida Siddons

Yes...Lem is a character, I'll give you that. And come to think of it, he IS always saying "Follow Me, Boys".
Looks like Lem just signed up for a new account (again). Methinks there's been some account deletions occuring. Maybe some IP banning needs to happen, too..

Lem Siddons

Hi Vida,

Sorry I've been away for so long. I was off with Melody Murphy touring the blue states. You know, Vi, they're not such bad folk after all. But, I suspect the troops have missed me, so I'm back.

Diego, I'm extremely proud of you, my boy! Also, honorable mentions to Gurgitoy and Dr. Know, who have both earned the title, "Chipmunk Junior Grade"