OT: Walt: Man and Myth



If anyone else out there is dejected about the entropic state of affairs at Disney, please see this video. It's a wonderful celebration of the man and his dreams and accomplishments. There's a great story about Walt (not in this doc) telling Lilly to "get a move on it" to attend a screening at the studio. He was worried that if they didn't get there on time, there wouldn't be any seats left. So he hurried her along. Of course the beauty of the story is that Walt WAS the company then. They wouldn't have started without him! But it so perfectly illustrates how human he was. This documentary shows THAT Walt.
Couldn't agree more Bill.

I watched again my copy taped from ABC last Sept. (I am waiting on the DVD) It was one of the first non-news events shown after 9/11. Very appropriate, then and now.


Yeah, whatever happened to the DVD? It was originally scheduled to be released on Dec. 4 of last year w/ wave 1 of the treasures series. Anyone know the scoop as to why they've withheld its release so far?