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The new line of Disney's Vault Disney DVDs are just beautiful. I just finished viewing the "Pollyanna" set, and for the first time I'm truly impressed with the features and extras on a Disney DVD. It's so wonderful to see these films getting the treatment they deserve. The films look great, the commentaries are great, and the extras are in abundance. There are so many "goodies" to go through. The menu designs are fun and something to see in themselves. It truly is a surprise to see so many welcome and unexpected special features. Pollyanna has a great gallery of production and promo stills to go through, and even a feature on the collectibles and merchandise released for the film. I love to see the merchandise! Good grief, all this and anamorphic widescreen prints as well! Hooray!

Now, please Disney, let's continue this tradition and release a definitive set on "Mary Poppins". The extras that could be included would be astounding. New interviews with casts and crew, stills, promo material, and the hundreds of fascinating collectibles of Poppins merchandise as features would be incredible to behold.
STILL watching "The Parent Trap" as I type this!
I LOVE all the extras!
it even has a full recording of "For Now For Always"!!
YES!! Keep up the good work, disney!
DON'T get lazy!!
Everyone go out and buy these DVDs!!!
*Tommy ;D


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I agree... Disney's production house did a great job on the Vault series so far....

The menu animations and screens are excellent! I had the opportunity to quickly browse through the bonus material from Parent Trap, Swiss Family and Old Yeller.

I focused more on the Parent Trap disc last night.
Some of the interesting extras are production stills, a special retrospect with Haley's twin stand in, "how they did the efx" (split screen) segment, audio archive section, interviews with Maureen O'Hara, Haley Mills, the actress who played Vicki, Original Trailer and more.....

I was surprised with all attention to detail and the amount of extras on these discs ;D

I can't wait to sit and watch the movies through with commentaries...... I'd love to hear the actors remember how things were soo long ago.

My one request is that ALL movie studios switch to AMARAY made DVD cases.....they are designed a lot more disc friendly IMHO. An Amaray case looks like any other however its the disc holding mechanism that is unique, its designed to pop the disc loose when you press the center of the holding mechanism making the removal and return of the disc VERY easy.

The case style that Disney used in these releases has a RIGID 2 prong holding mechanism that is not release friendly especially to small children. I can just imagine people cracking discs trying to pry the disc out of this style case.

My 2 cents...

Bravo Disney! Keep the Widescreen format alive.... please.please.please.


Scarecrow, I know what you mean about the cases. One of my 'prongs' that holds the discs has already broken off. These type of holders are the worst. It's hard to believe they are even used.

Another thing that I wish Disney would do differently, is allow you to easily switch from the main soundtrack to the commentary track by using the audio button. Disney is one the very few DVDs that do not allow that. It is aggravating to have to go to the menu everytime you want to switch audio tracks. Sometimes I like to go back and forth, and with this set up, it's not easily done.

At least now, during the previews, they put in the option of allowing you to hit the menu button to be taken to the main menu so you don't have to watch their coming attractions every time you want to start the movie.

Overall I'm still very pleasantly surprised by this new line. What's listed simply as "production archives" under features on the back covers, is a surpise of many extras to go through. Don't you just love the "audio archives" section? Love that pretty jukebox that allows you to hear radio spots, complete songs, and 'sound studio' that does allow you to use the audio button to go through the separate audio tracks of selected scenes, separating the dialog, sound effects and music tracks. ;D


I just went through all of the extras on The Parent Trap and Pollyanna last night. Some really groovy stuff there. The segment with Scott McQueen about the restoration of Pollyanna was amazing. And the inclusion of the "Story of Pollyanna" from the LP release (DQ-1307) was pretty cool too.

On The Parent Trap I really enjoyed the inclusion of "For Now For Always -- Maggie's Theme" sung by Maureen O'Hara in the Audio Archives was great.

I hope the future Vault Disney titles will be this cool. I can't wait for the next titles.
Will, you perked my "vinyl ears" with your comment about "The Story of Pollyanna"--is it the entire LP that is on the DVD? You know, I've been wondering what was going to happen with these classic titles which were only available on videocassette--between the current Vault Disney Collection and the Disney Treasures series, the Walt Disney Company is going to get a letter from me congratulating them on their exceptional treatment of some very special films, particularly the Vault Disney series, with all of the amazing extras! We should all be supportive of their efforts! Michael.



let them know that you enjoy the VAULT DISNEY releases. Call the 1-800-72-DISNEY consumer hot-line and let them know what about it you liked. It will certainly help future releases of other VAULT titles.

I'm hoping for either a VAULT DISNEY Mary Poppins Release with tons of extras and a commentary track with Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, Glynis Johns, Matt Garber & Karen Dotrice, and the Sherman Brothers, or a VISTA SERIES release with the same extras.

But call them and let them know, especially if you enjoyed the presentation in it's Original Aspect Ratio.