OT: Unsung Disney Legend



I am, of course, speaking of Norman Grabowski.

Strangely enough, there are no websited devoted to his cannon of work. Can anyone tell me more about this prolific Disney star?

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Norman Grabowski was born Norman Smith to parents, Edna and Murray Smith, in the little town of Littleton, Massachusets. The oldest of 27 children, little Norman, "Normy" to his friends, displayed a talent for music at an early age, leading the Smith children in Hymns at Church. He also took up playing the accordian, which is probably why at the age of 12 he was "forgotten" at a rest stop, while the family was on a trip to Scraggy Neck to see the world's smallest ball of string. But Norman persevered and thanks to his accordian eeked out a meager living, surviving long enough to audition for the Crusty Bagel's Radio Hour, an unpopular program of the time. Norman did odd jobs such as making sure not to oil the foley artists' squeaky door, watering down the coffee and making sure that there were always plenty of Crusty Bagels Backstage for the performers.
After several months of toiling on the Crusty Show, Norman was applied for a job at Walt DIsney's. He got the job, wiping sweat from Leopold Stokowski's brow between takes during Fantasia. It was said at the time that Normy was the best Wiper in Hollywood. Several years ensued between that time and today, though most were too uneventful to mention here.