OT: Two awesome new Disney books

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Sorry I know it's totally OT but I couldn't let my favorite board miss out.
Have you guys seen these books? The first is a sci fi book called "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom". It takes place in WDW! It looks so cool. Here's a link to the synopsis on Barnes and Nobles website.


It's sounds like the author is a total fan (or else became one to write the book.) I paged through it and the characters are sitting on the dock for the Liberty Bell. Lots of it takes place in Liberty Square so there's sure to be lots of Mansion stuff!

Also a little more intelectual reading, the book "Walt Disney and the Quest for Community". All about Walt's earliest vision for EPCOT and what it evolved into. Totally cool. Here's the link:
THANK YOU so much for bringing up these books--I knew nothing of them! In our home, books and music go hand in hand, which is why I don't even really consider this post off-topic. How can you discuss anything Disney-related without having an associated song or melody pop into your head--the words and notes rely on each other. Anyway, thanks again--Borders is a destination today. Mike.


I haven't read "Down and Out at the Magic Kingdom" but my mom mentioned it to me the other day... she said someone at her work had read it and thought it was really good. I'll have to get that one whn I have money again! :)



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I read "Down & Out in the Magic Kingdom." Maybe I would've liked it more if I was sci-fi geek, but a friend of mine who IS a sci-fi geek read it too and he wasn't that thrilled with it, either. Story was too short, not deep enough, etc. But he mentioned the Adventurers Club three times, which was neat .


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I haven't read it yet. I just paged through it when I saw it. I plan to but I've got 4 other books ahead of it in line.
Speaking of new Disney books... you have heard it here first... in October 2005 the University Press of Mississippi will be issuing the first-ever book-length history of Disneyland/Buena Vista Records. Watch this site for a formal announcement soon, including how you can help get involved. Don't you just love suspense?!