OT: Tokyo's Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare


Goodness :)

In my obsessive annual search for all things HMH, I came across pictures of Tokyo's new version...very cool :D


A little taste of things to come for our east coast friends, me thinks ;)


Thats ok about the CD :( But Im sure there will be one soon. ;)

I do have some questions though, if you remember specifics and dont mind answering them.

First off, are the musical themes from the ride from Nightmare Before Christmas? Meaning, are some of the themes Kidnap the Sandy Claws, Making Chrsitmas, and Whats This? like they are here?

Also, in the scenes that arent in the HM version, what are the AAs of Jack and Sally doing on the stairs? Are they singing?

What is going on in the Library?

And lastly, what is Sally doing with the scary mickey doll in the piano room (is she singing?), and what is the doll playing on the piano? or is he just pounding it?

Thanks for your time, man ;)
Hey Joe could ya send me a PM or email me @ dannyeyheralde@netscape.net or heck IM me. haven't heard from you in AGES. Having troublke downloading the HMHN video from your site & weas wondering if I could get a copy (dang thing stops downloading @ the 2:40 mark)