OT: Tokyo Space Mountain derails

The Associated Press is reporting a rear car of one of the Space Mountain trains at Tokyo Disneyland derailed. A broken connecting part is the focus of investigators.

Thankfully, although there were riders, no one was hurt (or worse). Riders were evacuated safely.

The attraction, of course, is closed for a thorough investigation.
Gotta be those cutrate CM's that don't follow extremely detailed procedures! (sarcastic)

Glad everyones safe.
But what do get in a Wal-Mart world?
(Anyway we can get this done cheaper?
..and out of the other side of the mouth..
We gotta stop piracy its cutting into our executive bonus!)

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Actually isn't the Oriental Land Co. responsible for the day to day operation of the park? Disney just designed the thing. Correct me if I'm wrong.


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I ride the monorail once a week in Florida and gosh, that is so scary to think of it derailing as it is so far above the ground. Just happy no one was on it at the time.

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My wife and I rode Matterhorn the other night without much thought to the danger involved. But there were a couple of times during the ride.... Just that the thing's been around for so long, the systems are sure to be somewhat more antiquated than say, DLP's Space Mountain. Scary to think how easily something could slip past inspection.