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I saw this in the store yesterday. Has anyone purchased it? Can anyone give a review of the included CD? It mentioned never-before-released soundtracks from the dedication of some of the most popular attractions.....whatever THAT means.
Jim Hill had a brief review on his site about the book. From what I understand its pretty much a collection of copies of lots of paper good type collectables - old tickets, brochures, etc. Included with it is a CD that has old Walt Disney speeches, old ads, etc. Dunno if there is supposed to be any ground breaking never before released attraction type stuff. Mostly just a brief walk through the archives.



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Ok, I went and did the research and found out what it was...so...I ran over to Barnes and Noble and bought it.

Bill...you NEED this book! I know you collect them, and this is amazing! It does have a lot of paper goods in it (reproductions of archival items). It's like a visual-aide to the book. It's really cool to be able to pull out a letter Walt wrote out of a sleeve on the page that mentions it. The audio CD is great too. A lot of interviews with Walt, and some Donald Duck commercials that are pretty funny. I'm listening now, so I haven't gotten to the theme park stuff, but as of now, I think this is a great collection of stuff (both book and CD).


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You can even check out Donald Duck food labels. It's kind of funny, really. I like being able to see these things for reference. Like the first ever Mickey Mouse trading cards.


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I finished the CD, and there is no attraction audio. Only interviews, speeches, and commercials. Very interesting stuff though. Of theme park interest there is...

Disneyland opening day dedication speech by Walt.

Various vintage Disneyland commercials (Date-Nite at Disneyland, Christmas, etc).

"It's a Small World" dedication speech by Walt.

"New Orleans Square" dedication speech by Walt & real mayor of New Orleans.

The World's Fair Report - interview with Walt about the fair.

The whole CD is great though. I like the commercials. There is one for "That Darn Cat" that is pretty cute. The cat keeps meowing and interrupting the announcer to let him know who the real star of the film is.
Amazon claims the CD is 60 mins. They are selling the book for 42 (eligable for free shipping) with a suggested retail price of 60. Not too bad if you can wait the week to ten days the free shipping usually takes.
And if you order from there, alot of the Disney sites have affiliate accounts with Amazon, so if you follow their link, they get a chunk of the price to help em keep running. Just a thought


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Thanks to Bill for calling my attention to this book -- I ordered it from Amazon ($42, free shipping), and it arrived in only 3 days (go figure)... Anyway, its a lot of fun.

As for the cd, here is the tracklist:

1 Walt's Visit to Marceline, MO July 1956 (6:05)
2 Story of Mickey Mouse Oct. 13, 1947 (11:15)
3 Donald Duck Food Commercials 1953 (2:40)
4 Snow White Premiere Dec. 21, 1937 (1:45)
5 Saludos Amigos 1943 (5:09)
6 The Great Locomotive Chase Sep. 27, 1955 (5:16)
7 Disneyland Dedication July 17, 1955 (0:42)
8 Disneyland Radio Commercials 1957-1961 (5:42)
9 Dedication "It's A Small World" May 28, 1966 (1:06)
10 "World's Fair Report" Spring 1964 (7:38)
11 Radio Commercials: Merlin Jones (1964)/That Darn Cat (1965) (2:02)

Total running time: 56:10