OT: The Banana Splits got back together!

Rich T

For anyone old enough to have gotten their first look at a Six Flags park by watching Fleegle and Drooper ride the Runaway Mine Train one Saturday morning in the late 60's...

How cool to log onto iTunes and find that the fictitious Banana Splits have released their first five new songs in...what...forty years? The songs are actually quite fun, including (of course) a modern take on the Tra-La-La theme song. Apprently, Cartoon Network is reviving the show this Sept. Judging from the clips on the show's excellent web site, it seems they're sticking to formula: Really corny gags, knockabout slapstick and energetic music videos set in amusement parks. I was hoping for something that actually *improved* on the old show, but it's nice to see the characters get some exposure. The costumes aren't quite as top-notch as the originals, but close. I doubt they got Richard Donner back to direct.

What's with the new Fleegle's voice? The original was Paul Winchell, but this new guy makes Fleegle sound like he really has aged forty years! I guess the touring life got to him...

Rich T

Like the Bananas in Pajamas? No, just the same weird red biker gang helmets and hippy shades. I'm reminded of a lyric from one of their old Jefferson Airplane sound-alike songs:

I live in a cucumber castle
On the bank of a cranberry sea
And starfish dance under my drawbridge
And blackbirds makes nests in my tree.

There has never, ever been a kids show quite like the Banana Splits. Some might say one was too many, but I loved this program to pieces, and, yes, I sent in my Kellogg's box top and joined the fan club. Decoder and all.

Well, I lose my cool, my feet feel the beat,
I'm suddenly gone and I've got the beat,
When the beautiful Caliopasaxiviatrumparimbclarabassetrombophone plays!

It turns me on, revs up my machine,
I'm suddenly gone, don't know where I've been,
When the beautiful Caliopasaxiviatrumparimbclarabassetrombophone plays!

You know I love that arrangement, I love that sound
If you're looking for me anytime, I probably gonna be found,

Where the golden sun shines over the sea
And the soft warm breezes whisper to me
And the beautiful Caliopasaxiviatrumparimbclarabassetrombophone plays!

Rich T

Greg, I agree completely. I just checked youtube and the video of that song is there-- Under Supercaliopimachine. Still just as fun as ever. As silly as the show was, it really took flight in its music videos, with unexpected, magic moments like this song where everything just *worked*. Plus, this video used the "expensive" Fleegle costume and not the outdoor version.

The songs hold up amazingly well. I've put off buying the CD off Amazon for too long...

Adam had 'em, troubles with his baby
Even Adam had a trouble or two
I don't know how bad you had em
But even Adam had em
And Adam had em badder than you