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I spoke to a friend of mine at Disney and he mentioned that everything we've heard about Disney ramping down their 2D Feature Animation in Burbank is true. After Treasure Planet and Home on the Range (formerly Sweatin Bullets) there isn't any 2D on the boards for Burbank. Apparently Orlando has Brother Bear in production, with two projects beyond that which "may or may not be 2D"

What I've heard is that Lilo and Stitch could do "Lion King numbers" and still not stave off this death. I tend to doubt that. If this film brought in that much, I think there'd be some rethinking at least.

So...my appeal to you is...GO SEE LILO AND STITCH. If you like it, talk it up...post your review on here...post it everywhere... If you don't like it...just lay low for a month....don't talk to anyone....don't leave your house.

Otherwise....the future of this website might look like this:

Dinosaur 5 soundtrack released 2
Recess: The College Years CD featuring Kathie Lee Gifford 6
Bambi 2: The Revenge 1
OT: Remember the Good Old Days? 1458
Disneyland open 2 hours a day now 568

It's not a pretty future, is it?


Jessica L

Don't worry about me Bill - I'll be pulling my load! :) I'm all ready to see it first thing on Friday. Then I'm heading to WDW for a week where I plan on buying everything and anything Stitch! Then I've promised my friend I would see it with her, and I'll probably go at least 4 times before it leaves the theater.

Only 1 day, 22 hours, and 10 minutes before I'm at the theater!! ;D



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I'm all for Lilo And Stich, I'm going to see it this weekend and ten I'm going to post my reviews (most likely good) here and there and everywhere ;D.

Oh wow, Dinosaur 5 and Recess: The College Years. HORRIBLE :'(.

- The WeirdOne ;D


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I'm on board! I'm going to see it opening weekend. I've already got my CD soundtrack, my plush Stitch, and the toys from McDonalds, so I'm ready to go!

Ben C.
I think you all have the right approach to this movie! If there is any glimmer of hope left for traditonal animation, those who are interested need to show their support and see Lilo and Stitch, preferably the first weekend, since those opening figures are apparently important in predicting the ultimate success or failure of a film. On laughingplace.com on June 13, Jim Miles in his Jim On Film column stated similarly what you all are saying. He urges those interested in traditionally animated films to, again, see Lilo and Stitch the first weekend, and buy some tie-in merchandise, because, as he concludes, "When money talks, Disney listens."--unfortunately, that's the case. But anyway, let's all just go and see what may prove to be a pleasant surprise--and tell your friends and family to go--keeping my fingers crossed. Michael.


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> Just heard that a friend of mine is off to Disney to
> helm "Emperor's New Groove 2"

Excuse me whilst I puke . Geesh, no offense to anyone who liked it, but wasn't the first one bad enough???



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I agree, It's not like the first one was a blockbuster or anything. They are just raping and pilaging their properties!