OT: Strike One... Disney board rejects Comcast offer

X-S Tech

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Whew. While I know this is probably not over I'm glad the board has at least shown the sense not to take this offer. When this first happened there was a Jim Hill article suggesting that perhaps Eisner masterminded the whole thing. I didn't give it any credence at the time because I figured why would he plan such a vicious attack, that so closely echoed Roy's sentiments. But now I see the logic in it. This whole weekend, I slowly became more resigned to the fact that this was the end of Disney as we know it. I was convinced of it's sale and eventual butchering. It actually made me wish that Mike's leadership wasn't in question and that we didn't have to worry about this sort of thing. Sure when I go to the park there are plenty of things that need fixing and that may never happen, and we may never see a new traditional from Feature Animation, but at least we have a park and the company still owns itself. In retrospect that was silly and ousting Eisner for a better leader is still the best answer. But it goes to show how emotional all these decisions can be. I hope the boards answer of "No thanks we're sticking with Mike, he's doing a good job" is only a stalling tactic till Roy's plans come to fruition.