OT: Question for Randy



I thought I'd give you a break from answering questions about the OA. I'm probably not the only one on here who would be interested to hear what music YOU respond to. Of course you could tell us what Disney music you're partial to, but I'm curious what your favorites are OUTSIDE the berm too. Maybe you'll expand some horizons with your answer!
I do love all the Disney Classics and their great composers � Frank Churchill, Oliver Wallace, Paul Smith, Ed Plumb, Leigh Harline, etc. And the more contemporary - the Sherman Brothers, Buddy Baker, and George Bruns. Special mention for Irwin Kostal�s arrangement of �Mary Poppins� - shear brilliance. These folks are �The Disney Sound� to me and they�ll always be my heroes.

In my casual listening (beyond the berm), I always find myself reaching for the same collection of works. For some of the folks listed below - I have their entire discography. Some, just 2 or 3 CDs. But this is who I listen to on a regular basis.

Laurie Anderson
Electric Light Orchestra
They Might Be Giants
Wendy Carlos
Raymond Scott
Randy Newman
Alice Cooper
Pink Floyd
Scott Joplin
Danny Kaye / Sylvia Fine
Roger Waters
The Beatles
Harry Nilsson
Crash Test Dummies
Alan Parsons
Linda Ronstadt
Carl Stalling
Leo Kotke
Mark O�Connor
The Animaniacs
Traveling Wilburys
Rick Wakeman
Andy Partridge
John Williams
Danny Elfman
Bernard Herrmann
Eric Wolfgang Korngold
Michael Kamen
Bruce Broughton
Howard Shore
John Debney
Rachel Portman
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Johann Sebastian Bach
Johannes Brahms
Ludwig Von Beethoven
Gilbert & Sullivan

I�m sure there�s psychological profile in there somewhere; just don�t tell me what it is. I scare easy.



Woo animaniacs =D

baloney is our friendly friend that we made up ourselves, he likes to sing and play all day that we made up ourselves! *SMACK*
An anvil?s big and shiny,
It?s really heavy too,
Watch out my chubby friend,
Or one will fall on you.


Yum, yum, doodle dum! That was fun!

I?ve worked with Rob, Jess, and Tress (Yakko, Wakko, and Dot) quite a few times. They?re all really great people. Jess (Wakko is my favorite) even recorded a voice-mail greeting for me.

All this, and I get paid for it too!

Aaaah...Bernard Herrmann. Randy, have you had the opportunity to listen to William Stromberg and John Morgan's new recordings of Fahrenheit 451 and Mysterious Island, on their new Tribute Film Classics Label? I'll be listening to the Mysterious Island recording for the first time on the way home today, thinking of how I missed seeing Ray Harryhausen in sunny California today, at the Every Picture Tells a Story gallery in Santa Monica...it was below zero in Maine this morning.


Dr. Know

Great list, Randy! (with a few exceptions, cough cough) I love how eclectic your tastes are...the juxtaposition of Danny Kaye, Scott Joplin and Pink Floyd!...though I was a little distressed not to see Mary Martin on there.

Do you think we'll ever see more Bruns (and Brunner?) or are there too few of us to make it feasible?

Yes, please, to more Bruns. When "Music from the Dexter Riley Films" appears on iTunes, I will know that I am dreaming, or have died and gone to a better place.