OT - Pufnstuf Movie Soundtrack & Bugaloos on CD

I know this is a stretch to mention on this site, but please forgive me if I let you know that one of my favorite albums, the Capitol Records soundtrack of the 1970 theatrical movie version of PUFNSTUF -- along with another Capitol LP based on a Sid & Marty Krofft series, THE BUGALOOS (though some songs on their LP were not soundtracks, but instead pop versions intended for radio play) -- are now available on CD at amazon:



If you're familiar with the TV themes of Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel (Love American Style, Wonder Woman, Laverne and Shirley, etc.), the Pufnstuf album encapsulates almost all of them stylistically. And the high-energy music and vocals are also reminiscent of many Disney theme park live shows over the years.

My only quibble about the new Pufnstuf CD is that they tampered a bit with some of the songs by trying to lengthen them, but it's still a recommended listen if you enjoy these musical styles.


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I'm confused. The cover art for the Pufnstuf soundtrack is there but the track listing doesn't contain any of the original soundtrack songs like:

Living Island
A Friend in Me
Zap the World

Am I mistaken???

For some reason, the amazon listing for this album incorrectly shows the song titles for a different CD called "H.R. Pufnstuf & Other Sid & Marty Krofft Favorites" (as of 4/3/06). Here's the correct track list for this CD, the Pufnstuf movie soundtrack album:
1. If I Could - Jack Wild.
2. Fire in the Castle - Instrumental.
3. Living Island - Jack Wild and Ensemble
4. Witchiepoo's Lament - Instrumental
5. Angel Raid - Instrumental
6. A Friend in You - Jack Wild
7. How Lucky I Am - Instrumental
8. Pufnstuf - Jack Wild
9. Charge - Instrumental
10. Different - Mama Cass Elliot
11. Zap the World - Billie Hayes, Jack Wild, Martha Raye
12. Leaving Living Island - Instrumental
13. Rescue Racer to the Rescue - Instrumental
14. Finale

The movie soundtrack is on the "EL" label, so the listing otherwise should be correct. I sent this info to amazon so they would hopefully correct it. Good catch, Rick!
Wow - - finally! Thanks for the tip, Greg!

Different by Mama Cass is one of my all-time favorite songs.

Do you know the guys at this label? I hope they put out the HR Pufnstuf Capitol soundtrack EP as well!
Thanks for the tip on deepdiscountcd.com, Rick! I've found deepdiscountdvd.com to often be cheaper than amazon, but I didn't know there was a CD version.

I agree about the song "Different," merlinjones -- it's a great song that deserved more airplay. I don't know anything about the label, except that I'm assuming it's an import and not a private issue. It certainly sounds good.

Wouldn't "Zap the World" be a great song for the Disney villainesses to perform in the Parks?