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Many of Disney Music lovers are also lovers of most anything Disney to some degree or another. I am such a person. I love the parks, the music, the films, etc...(just got back from a week in FL yesterday) which is why I am a subscriber to Paul Anderson's magazine "Persistence of Vision" I really enjoy the issues I have, however, my last Issue #10 is dated 1998. I have eagerly anticipated the next issue for 4 years now and I am wondering if my subscription will be fullfilled. I have asked Paul about this in the past and get a "another issue is in the works" response. The reason I bring all this up is...does anyone else know more about it than me?

If this is the completely wrong place to ask, I apoligize.
I have gotten the same response, and also "there will always be a Persistence of Vision." I was told that there was a big PROJECT FLORIDA issue in the works, and a Disney in WWII issue. I had just renewed after the last issue came out. Personally, I am beginning to sense that we have seen our last issue, but who knows...

If you ever have the money to spend, you should pay Paul to take you on the Disney Tour. It was well worth the investment. We were driving to Walt's Holmby Hills residence ( Paul had warned us that, from the road, it would just look like an average ranch house) when we saw Diane at a stop sign going the other direction. Anyway...Paul was right. The house did look like your average ranch house from the road.


Hello from Paris, France !

I'm in the same boat as you are regarding POV !! I wrote Paul twice; last time was in June of 2001.... and he wrote back that "there would be a POV as long as he would live" and the next issue would be near the end of the year !! That was 2001 !! We know he is VERY busy, but , like you, I subscribed and Paul has pocketed our money ever since....

I know I may sound "cheap", but we haven't gotten our money worth AND we love POV.... and all this to me is not very honest....

Our love of Disney can make fools of us sometimes, don't you think? It's not even a question of money; it's just that we'd like NEW and PROMISED issues of Persistence Of Vision..................


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I remember hearing about POV as far back as roughly 1993. I never subscribed specifically because even back THEN he was never on time with the issues. I'm sorry, but if someone is going to collect peoples' money for issues of a "magazine" (I know it's more than that, but subscriptionwise, it's the same thing), at least have the decency to get issues out on time. Or NEARLY on time. If you can't do that, they don't have subscriptions...sell each issue as a stand alone.

He does GREAT stuff but he handles his business rather unprofessionally.

In defense of Paul,

#1 ..Its not as much money as some of us have spent on Beanies or Pins. He has has not nearly acted as irresponsible with our money as Paul Pressler or the American Governments.
#2 Paul is credited and participated in Walts biography this past year. He no dobt has many fantastic gems from his experience.
#3 He has a busy life with his new family

yawn ... someone wake me up when there is a new issue

just my 2cents
I would like to clarify what I said earlier, for fear that it may have sounded like I was complaining. Let me set the record straight. I like Paul. If he takes my money, and never gives me another copy of POV, I would still like him.

When it comes right down to it, the only thing that I feel bad about would be any people who subscribed based on my positive comments, who haven't received an issue.

As some of you know...life often changes when one gets married and has kids.

As for me...I have money. If I never see another issue of POV, I'll live.

Besides...I can't get very upset with a guy who got me into Club 33 for dinner. ;D


Yes, life changes, but if your life is going to change so much that you are going to abdicate your responsibility to people who have, in good faith, given you money for a product, you owe it to them to at least keep them informed of the situation, if not offer a refund.

I'm assuming the E-ticket folks have lives and families as well, and yet they manage to put out their magazine on a regular basis. If Paul is too busy or no longer interested, he should say so.

At least the only good thing is I'll never have to renew--I can't imagine I'll live long enough to get four issues (or whatever it was I paid for).



You are quite right, and I think all people concerned -- me in cluded, should ask Paul for a refund for "break of contract"....


I've just emailed Paul, even though the POV site has not been updated since 1999 !!!

Paul is honest enough to answer mail....

To my knowledge, writing articles, books, and doing tours, selling at conventions, and collecting Disneyana is Paul's business... it's a living... it's not something he does on the side on his spare time.

I'll keep you all posted....

I know it's "my problem" but I paid a hefty amount of dough to subscribe from France.... and, as we said, money is NOT the only issue.....

Sorry for being so heavy ! Now, let's have some Disney music !
As a friend of Paul, as well as contributor to Persistance Of Vision, I feel the need to jump to his defense. He'll be the first one to say he's behind and it's all his fault. He's said to me that anyone who doesn't want to wait, can have a refund. He's a wonderful and honest man. Send him and e-mail, or give him a call if you want a refund. He really is planning to get more issues out.