OT-Persistence of Vision-Where? Pt. 2

Gredo G.

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I started thinking about this fine publilcation once again and then started thinking about the last time I saw a new issue. As we wind down the final days of 2003 I look at issue #10's date and it's 1998.

Then, I started thinking about the last time I remember discussing this fine publication here and how we hadn't seen an issue in awhile. After a search of the archives I found a post of mine from April 2001. The jist of a number of posts and other commentary state Paul Anderson had been preoccupied with: a Walt cd-rom (which I hear was good), a new baby (who should be in school by now), and that it takes a lot of time to do an issue (I am sure it does).

Then I remember seeing P. Anderson's auctions on Ebay (username: UWA) and see his feedback as of today is 8040.

The point of all of this being I thoroughly enjoy reading POV. However, the issues I have are darn near wore out to dust. Does anyone have any idea if we'll see another issue soon?

X-S Tech

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To put it simply, the price of POV is incredibly high. Now whether it is worth the content is probably a matter of opinion but that worth drops the longer you have to wait to get an issue. I've picked up a couple of his publications at various Disneyana Shows and while there's usually one or two tidbits that make it a good find, I always have buyers remorse after for spending so much on one item. Thankfully I've heard enough about the unreliability of future issues to keep from subscribing. I don't wanna come down on the guy but if anyone has a subscription and hasn't asked for their money back, you really should. Perhaps a sudden surge of refunds would kickstart the ol Anderson printing press again. He obviously has enough time to run his ebay store.