OT: Parent Trap (1961)

When the original "Parent Trap" was released in 1961:

Joanna "Vicki" Barnes was 26
Maureen "Maggie" O'Hara was 41

Maggie: "..you are a young thing."
(she is??)

What the hell happened to Vicki? 26??? a rough 26.

Please note, I still think she is fabulous and this is still one of my all time Disney favorites...just something I kinda wondered about. They make all these references as to how young she is. And, granted, 26 is young compared to Maggie's 41, but wow...the look of 26 in 1961 sure has its own concept!
Just a thought!

As one of the sole surviving cast members (besides Mills, of course), the actress you're talking about is all over the recent Parent Trap double-disk DVD. Check it out, if you're interested in "Where she is now"

Jeff in NY


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Hehehe...never eally thought of it that way but nope, she didn't look "just" 26 at ALL. Then again, I always picture Brian Keith to be perpetually 60 because in the late 60's and early 70's, when he as in his heyday, I was less than 10 so ANY grown-up was "old." Even a 26y/o.

But nope, she didn't look 26 by a LONG shot. 36 MAYBE .