OT - Need Audio/Recording Help, Please!


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Hey y'all!

There is an online radio show that is going to be broadcast this Friday and Tuesday. It's played via Windows Media Player though I'm sure I could play it through RealPlayer, etc.

Thing is, I want to record the show, for my own personal use. I have MusicMatch and/or a minidisc recorder. is there any way I can record an online radio braodcast?

Here is the website of the show:

Here is the website of the radio broadcaster:

I'd like to do with without the old-fashioned "tape recorder in front of the speakers" method. HELP!!!


Eddie Valiant

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Hi Sharon,

I was able to do it this way [this was in Windows XP]: I used Winamp as my default player and opened up the link to the online broadcast, set my audio controls [double click the little speaker icon] to "Record" and chose the "wave" option. Once the broadcast was playing, I used CoolEdit Pro to record at my desired settings [44100, 16-bit stereo] and hit record. Worked like a charm.

Eddie V.


Hey Sharon!

I must agree with Steve. In the past, I have run a cable from the output in my tower to my external CD burner. (Quality is sooo much better than a tape deck)

Also if you have a program on your computer that can record an audio file from your external input in your tower, you can SOMETIMES just run a cable from your audio out into your audio in and record directly to your program. (This works on iMovie for Mac)

Hope this helps! You should be able to find the audio cables at your local Radio Shack or someplace similar. If all else fails, someone there might have an idea.

Good luck with your hook up!


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Hi y'all!

Well, I actually found 2 solutions on my own (which is VERY good for me.,..just beause I've owned computers since 1984 doesn't mean I know how to use 'em ). The first is through software called Silent Bob...it's POSSIBLE to do it that way, but I'd have to tweak stuff and I'm not a very good tweaker. Second way is to run a line from the Line Out to my minidisc recorder. I think I can do that one withought causing anything to blow up .

Thanks again for your help!



For PCs, a program called Total Recorder.

For Macs (OS X), a program called WireTap.

Both allow you to record streaming audio direct to WAV and AIFF, respectively, with no quality loss. There is a learning curve with both, so download and start fiddling with them ASAP.