OT my 2 cents


Ok walt disney is my biggest hero cause i think that man brought more smiles and laughter int this world the anyother person could do in 3 life times.So it sickens me to see all the stuff that is going on.You can go around this world and almost everyone you meet knows who mickey mouse and snow white are, and can sing the mickey mouse club song and it's a small world.Walt has touched all of our lives so much and now to see what einser and some petty money holders are doing to walts dream is a crime in my eyes.Esiner took away the music has anyone really heard a memorable song like heigh-ho or spoonful of suger come out of them latly and his cut backs in the parks have made it an ugly place was in walt disney world the off season in the second week in december for the first ime i saw a dirty restrooms and the place just looked run down it's a small world was dirty looking inside.but the damn shops where clean and pretty and you could buy all the pooh mickey,and princess junk you wantedIt use to be diffrent shops in diffrent land carried diffrent stuff thats what made it fun to look now all you see is the same kiddy crap.And now the final straw no more tradianal animated films.In my opian they should have the kindness to just take walts name off the company and call it the michael esiner company cause it's a crime to leave walts good name up there and do half ass stuff that he would never have done.Esiner should remeber walt was not alwas about the bottom line you have to spend money and take chances if walt never did we would not have snow white or even disneyland.So i said it my thoughts are out there take them or leave them it's just i hate to see Walts good name on another damn princess collection cd.