OT: Most Wanted Disney books not-yet-published


Slightly OT, but since most of you are avid Disney collectors, I figure you've got a nice shelf of Disney tomes next to your rack of CDs.

My question is, what topics would you most like to see Disney cover in upcoming books. I'm thinking along the lines of the large format coffee-table art book variety, but feel free to take your suggestions in any direction you please.

My wants:

- A look at the Disney Cruise Line and Castaway Cay; history, architecture, operation, etc.
- A look at Tokyo Disney Seas
- The architecture of the Disney resorts (they've been touched upon in two or three volumes, but I'd love an in depth look at the design, decor, and workings of Disney's amazing hotels)
- Disney park attractions that never were (kind of a follow up to the wonderful "Imagineering")
- Art of Beauty and the Beast (the book included in the old VHS collector's set is a good start)
- Art of the Little Mermaid (something better than the piddly mini-book)

X-S Tech

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I second the following ideas:

-Creation of Tokyo Disney Seas
-Attractions that never were WDI follow up
-Art of Little Mermaid
-Art of Beauty and the Beast

What about a book devoted just to the different Tomorrowlands?


Hmmm...I think a book like that would hit a little too close to home. The small taste you've given us of your level of anachronistic obsession tells me all I need to know. ;)

What about an official "Foods of the World" cookbook? I know there are several websites and possibly even some unofficial publications out there that attempt to replicate some of the trademark cuisine from WDW and DL. It would be neat if there was an official one.


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There were a couple of cookbooks released already with various dishes from the parks. I think they were called "Mickey's Gourmet Cookbook" or something to that effect.