OT: Mini Disc/White Noise Question


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Since I'm sure some people here tape park BGM with a mini disc recorder, I'm hoping someone can help me.

I'm using a mini disc recorder to tape an a cappella group who uses microphones. Thanks to their audio technician, their sounds can go from very quiet to very loud in a matter of seconds, so I set the recording level on my new Sharp MD-DR480H to 12. The recording comes out too quiet but undistorted.

I'm using Audacity to amplify and edit what I've taped. When I was done doing those things, I used MusicMatch to rip them files onto CD.

My problem is that the files on CD have a "white noise" hum/hiss throughout. I'm still new to this but I'm assuming it has something to do with having to use a relatively low recording level to tape the concert. I've tried to use Audacity's Noise Removal effect but it just managed to distort EVERYTHING, no matter how little I altered it. I've read the FAQs and online manual on Audacity's website and nothing really focuses on this.

Does anyone understand my problem and have any suggestions? Thanks!



I get the same thing on rides. For instance, if I leave the volume up or on auto, things go from quiet in the queue, to really loud on the ride. While listening later on at home, the loud part starts getting REALLY distorted and annoying. So I turn the rec volume down low and the thing gets recorded good, but then some parts are so low you can't hear them.

Also I noticed (since the MD doesn't allow direct digital recordings) from having the MD plugged into the line in, creates a little bit of noise just from that, so when you turn up the MD the noise gets louder during recording. I think maybe I should get a better mic (at least $60), but who knows.