OT: Mike Lets Pixar Slip Away...

Jessica L

I have nothing to say to that... Ei$ner just speaks for himself...

But I have to wonder - in 2006 its rumored Ei$ner's contract will be up and he will be replaced. And Roy has been talking with Jobs about getting with Disney *if* Ei$ner leaves. Is there still any hope for that? The year of Pixar leaving and Ei$ner *possibly* leaving matches up - but what will happen then?

Way to go Mikey - you screwed up royally again! :mad:



I saw this just a few minutes ago myself... Hopefully, this move will convince some of the shareholders to join Roy's cause and get a new main man in at Disney. Hopefully soon enough to get Pixar back in with Disney...

It must be nice to be as clueless as Michael Eisner is these days...

Dr. Know

No surprise there... but breathtaking, really, that Eisner has managed to close down Disney animation and end Disney's relationship with Pixar within a span of one month. I'm glad that I'm no longer a stockholder.

David S.

I'm thinking this might be a very good thing for those of us who want old $hrek out of there sooner rather than later. If this happens, perhaps Pixar would one day join forces with the new Disney (or would that be the new new Disney?)

At any rate, Pixar movies will still be made for fans to enjoy - it's just that Mikey will no longer be able to get any credit or profit from them!

So this doesn't really disappoint me because after all he hasn't killed Pixar like he managed to kill (for now) Disney feature animation.

I know that there have been some mixed feelings about the Pixar folks by some people on the site, but one thing is certain about John L. and company--Pixar is a place where imagination runs rampant--imagination is king, not an aging, visionless tyrant.

The infusion of creative energy into the Disney camp will be missed in what is becoming a truly desparate artistic time for the Walt Disney Company.

The announcement even made our local television news this morning, as well as the Today Show......the word is spreading, between this and the end of traditionally animated features.......I wonder what will happen when John Q. Public finally wakes up one day and realizes that there are no more classic Walt Disney movies to share with their children--if only Michael Eisner, and not Steve Jobs, could've gotten tossed into the fires of Mt. Doom.



This is THE topic on boards all over the web right now ... and rightfully so.

The end of the partnership does blow a heavy hit to TWDC and creates immense pressure for "Chicken Little". With no more Disney/Pixar movies as of 2006 "Chicken Little", since it has been hyped so much already by Eisner, will be seen by analysts as the product of Disney put against Pixar, as a kind of indicator what quality to expect from Disney in the CGI area. Which means: if it is not a tremendous success outperforming the Disney/Pixar release in 2005 everyone will be talking even more doom for the few animators (well CGI animators) left at Disney... Not that the situation could have been much easier to handle if Eisner hadn't closed the Secret Lab back after Dinosaur.

But then you also have to ask: may the break up of negotiations forced by Pixar by demanding full copyright control for all Pixar movies (including those already released) and thereby takeing away the right to do sequels / tv-series / ... from Disney (at a point were everybody knows that Eisner thinks these are the most importants things / rights about all animation features) be deliberately? May this all be tactic by Steve Jobs to further strengthen Roy Disney's fight for TWDC??

Unfortunately the decision by Disney to reject the Pixar offer does perfectly fit into the plan-less policing of the whole company recently - as shown wonderfully by the new Annual Report (available as PDF on the website TWDC and in commented excerpts with a focus on the Disneyland Resort Paris at http://www.dlp.info/NewsAndRumours/Special..._Annual2003.htm).