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Do not read this transcript unless your ready to be PO'd. I'm sorry Larry King is a very nice man but all he did was ask Mike to repeat stuff that was in all of the various press releases. No hard hitting questions, nothing particularly insightful. I sincerely hope that Eisner is voted out March 3rd. The first call was pretty good but of course, they didn't stick around to probe further:

CALLER: My question to Mr. Eisner is regarding Roy Disney's statements that the theme parks are made on the cheap. Mr. Eisner, I actually visited California Adventure and the only really good ride is Soaring Across America. Other than that it's not worth a separate admission price. Just the same as Downtown Disney which is free.

And I totally agree with Roy Disney. For me to take my family there and have one good ride is too much money.

EISNER: Well, I would say that, obviously, I don't agree with you. I think the Aladdin show is great. I think a lot of the Paradise Peer is great, especially for kids. You probably -- you may not know Tower of Terror is coming in the spring.

KING: Tower of Terror?

EISNER: Tower of Terror which we have in Walt Disney World which is like our No. 1 attraction in Orlando.

So we built this park to compliment Disneyland. We're now expanding it. Did you take your kids to a Bug's Land?

KING: She's gone.

If these callers are a fair cross section, it doesn't sound like they have a clue. Someone actually called in to ask if Walt was frozen. And of course Mike talks about how no he has visited Walt's grave and it was very special...Probably just making sure he was in there good and deep.

Someone else called and said "I support you all the way, you guys are doing a great job! And what's your favorite ride?"

God help us.


I watched this live, and was very disapointed in how little pressing Larry did on any of the issues. But I do feel sorry for Eisner... It must be rough to have the 2 people who got him his job and sat silently during MANY of his stupid decisions now calling for his head...



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I'm sure that Larry was "prepped" before the show went on the air, so as to avoid any "uncomfortable" questions for Mikeypoop. Why would Eisner go on a Q&A TV show if he didn't think there was a guarantee he would be aired in a good light?

And nope, unless people pay attention, the general public doesn't have a clue. Even today, I was walking through Epcot (3 times around World Showcase is just shy 4 miles ) and heard a grandmother telling her grandkid that she "didn't like that last ride at all" (I don't know which ride was being discussed) and "would rather go back on the HAUNTED HOUSE four times in a row than go on that again."

If we rely on John Q. Public, we're doomed.


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Well before we give Eisner too much sympathy let's remember:

-Roy and Stanley didn't give Eisner his job. He was extremely qualified at the time. His reputation and skills won the support of the shareholders, Roy and Stanley simply brought him to their attention.

-This man has had the reigns of possibly the greatest American legacy for 20 years. He has had the oppurtunity to oversee things that would likely change the world and it's people for the better, contributing positive input to society. Instead these last eight years especially, he's decided to follow every other megacorporation out there in trying to make the most money as quickly as possible, regardless of the long term consequences to the shareholders, the employees, and the public. The backlash he's experiencing is merely the direct result of his actions. We should feel no more pity for him than we do someone who is punished for commiting a crime.


Caught a lot of this last night live... one question though - he mentioned Philharmagic at Walt Disney World AND Disneyland... dropping a hint, or yet another misspeak?



I can't be positive, since I live in France and i haven't seen Larry King Live, but, judging from the transcript, I believe Mr Eisner referred to FANTASMIC rather than Philharmagic!

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No, he actually did refer to Philharmagic at Disneyland. One of his other notable goofs was referring to the holiday makeover for both Small World and Pirates, rather than Haunted Mansion.

Eddie V.


"Where else can you go in the back door and see Mickey's (UNINTELLIGIBLE) at Disneyland and Walt Disney World?"

i thought he actually said something like "at Disneyland *in* Walt Disney World". I dont know how common it is in America, but it's not rare that people name the Magic Kingdom just "Disneyland" (like "Disneyland Park") here in Europe.
"and was very disapointed in how little pressing Larry did on any of the issues"

If Larry were to ever press any guest on an issue, it would be a first for him. His art form is asking only a list of questions from a script and never following up or building on something that comes up in the discussion.


Actually the only big-name TV journalist that I've consistently seen asking the tough questions lately is Diane Sawyer. She grilled Bush and Mel Gibson, asking the uncomfortable questions and not accepting pat answers. I'd love to see her go a round with Eisner. Too bad she works for ABC.
Buyt we forgot the most important thing Mikey said:

"And for the holidays, we dress up Pirates of the carribean for Christmas"

or something to that effect, but you get the point...