OT: Main Street Electrical Parade



Someone recently told me that the original MSEP was primarily flat, like the Electrical Water Pageant. Furthermore, they said that Disney company supresses imagery from that incarnation because it is rather primitive and they prefer to concentrate on the 3D version that we all know and love. Can anyone verify this? Anyone have pictures of it?




The "flat" version of the parade was only shown at Disneyland through 1975, when it was replaced with America on Parade. When the Electrical Parade returned in 1977 (and premiered at the Magic Kingdom) it took the more three-dimensional look that you see today.

The original Main Street Electrical Parade was very similar in scope to the Electrical Water Pageant, which has been said to be the inspiration for the parade. The Water Pageant actually used the same soundtrack at the Main Street Electrical Parade during it's early years.

Very few pictures and slides exist of the original parade, and were only available during its run at the park. Since photographing these nighttime parades can be somewhat difficult, there aren't many amateur pictures around to tell the story.


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I would love to find pictures of this versoin of the parade too! I'm very curious about the flat floats. Especially the Maleficent Dragon that "Angry Dragon" accompanied.