OT: Looking for tech help


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Some of you guys seem to know what your talking about in the way of getting music off other media. I've got two questions:

1) How do I take a REAL music file and change it to something like a .wav or .mp3 so I can burn it?

2) How to record music directly from videos? Referring me to a website would be fine for an answer to this quesiton, or a recommedation on equipment. THANKS!

You guys are always so helpful! ;D


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Katy Bug,

You should be able to use the standard Windows recorder. Just make sure "What U Hear" is selected. Hit the "record" button as you play the Real file and "stop" when it's done. That will get you a WAV file. Then use Music Match or whatever to convert to MP3.

Hope that leads you in the right direction.


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Thanks again for the help, and I will try it!

But what has been used to record music/sounds from tv? Do I just need a special cord or something? Man I was I was more technology inclined.