OT: Knott's Berry Farm Entrance BGM List

Does anyone have any information as to its track-listing and track-order. I plan on making a special trip to record the audio sometime in the near future, but was wondering if someone already has this list. Anyone? Sorry for this being so OT to Disney music, I have been rather found of Spaghetti Western Era music for the past 5 years and enjoy the works of Ennio Morricone to no end.


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I also would be interested on more info on this loop. I do know that some of the songs are from the Cincinnatti Pops CD "Down on the Farm". One definite song in the loop from this CD is "Westbound and Down" the theme to Smokey and the Bandit. There may be others used from this CD as well.

It would also be interesting to hear if anybody has any info on some of the audio used in Knott's other attractions. I know there is a Beary Tales soundtrack floating around but what about the Music in the Mine Ride Carvern, Ghost Town Audio (Hop Wing Lee), Timber Mountain Log Ride, etc.


I'd be interested to know more about this loop, as well! I've been considering a sort of "extra" section on my Disney Music Loops page for loops from other theme parks (I've had a few requests, and it's something I'm curious about, too) and I'd love to know more about what Knott's plays. The last time I was there, they still had the dolphin show. It's been awhile. I really should go one of these days. :p
There probaly should be a reprise of the "Capitol Media Music" topic from many years back!!

Allow me to mentioin in regard to BOTH D'Land (I've lived all of my LIFE in Southern Calif. so you can just GUESS which Disneyland I've been to..yep Anaheim.Now to the point at han d.) and KNOTTS, if you please (in the kind words of Hayley Mills's "Pollyana".)

[I just may answer to that much earlier post if I find it and can answer to it, but heck, I can always answer it here.)
RE: "Frontierl;and": Yep, a needledrop tune, (one of MANY used on "Gumby", in a later short "Gold Rush Gumby",1967, a short banjo piece is used.)

Those were started by Capitol with IIRC Wallics and co., and John Seeley (whose name is recognized from "Davey & Goliath" shorts by "Gumby"'s Art Clokey and from six or eight Warner Bros cartoons of the 1950s), and along with other libraries (Jack Shaindlin/Langlois-Cinemusic, Phillip Green's EMI Photplay London, AL Laszlo's Structual Music and et cetera etc.) THOSE were absored, along with 400 or so hours of NEW music (written MOSTLY by studio head "Western rep" composer William G.Loose, with George Hormel, Jack Cookerly, Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin (these last two worked as a team usually), Spencer Moore,and possibly Seely himself) that BECAME the CAPITOL HI - Q library.They contineudf thru the sixties.

Now on to knotts..on the post!

I have encounted in "Camp Snoopy" Bill Loose "Domestic/Childen, 5-C-5".

It's pretty commmon in these animated episodes
Looney Tunes/Goofy Gophers
"Gopher Broke' (November 15th., 1958)
(One of six shorts,along with some segments of otherwise Carl Stalling Milt Franklyn "Raymond Scott" shorts, to use the "Seely music")

(during the "second act" of the Chip & Dale-knockoff gophers attempt to wreak havoc on the "Barnyard Dawg from Foghorn Leghron Toon",i.e.when one tells the other the dog will return)

Yogi Bear
"Pie Pirates" (October 1958)
(Near the end when Yogi tells pal Boo Boo that he will lure the dog out so they can get the huckleberry (NOT HOUND!!!) pies!

Three that I can think of
"Lion Drive' (c.1956?)
(At episode's end---Gumby then his lion friend, Richard, apparently to become a longterm mainstay of the sries but didn't make it that long, nodding off for the night.)

"In the Dough" (1957)
(In the beginning. When Gumby and Pokey are busy with baking.)

"Lawn Party'(1960s)
(during the VERY odd episode's TV film within a Gumby TV episode when the young adult couple and their friend get out of the car. Cool "Super Snooper and Blabber Mouse';(Hanna-Barbera PRE-"Scooby Dupe-I mean Doo" mystery solver" chase music, too!)

There were a LOT of those..that's the only of those needledrops I;m aware of at knoitts..oh..at Disney there's in the original O.C. "Tiki Room" (thank GOD NOT "Under New Management" there!) George Hormel's (yes, as in the CHILI!) "Lighht Underscore, 5-ZR-49"(Capitol had a lot of these "tranmission/license model" numbers and activity,mood,etc.descriptions. Many other libraries that elnt their stuff to Seely/Capitol didn't. Philip Green (A BBC music dirwector as well), one of the most wittiest writers of this stuff, was the writer of many of my faovirtes on the old "Quick Draw McGRaw cartoon show".

Also, aside from library needledrops, I have heard at both "Knott's Berry Farm" and "Universal Studios Hollywood" @ the cowboy show areas, the 1973 Henry Mancini movie theme "Oklahoma Crude"!

(And of coruse many turn of the century tunes in "Main Street". Thank god, WDW where I only have been to once--1995---seems to leave MOST their music basiclaly unchanged except for stuff like "Tiki"..)

See you!



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Sorry to dig up an old thread. Does anyone here have any info as to the song that is played in the Stalagtites/Stalagmites scene in the Calico Mine Ride? Thanks.
I think it was composed specially, thought it wasd Verne Langdon, but he told me his is not. I will have to call up Bud Hurlbut sometime and ask, but our schedules are way the heck different.