OT: Joker's Wild

I know this sounds crazy to ask here... but if ANYONE would know... I think it would be all of you guys.

...and I've got two Sam Adams riding on this.

Does anyone remember a game show in the 70's called JOKER'S WILD? It was set up where at each contestants station was a very large slot machine pull bar (To make the wheel spin in the slot machine). Anyway, the game show isn't important to me... what is is the theme music they played at the end of the game show when the credits rolled. Was that theme music they played the Main Street Electrical Parade? - and if it's not.. does anyone know what it is or who wrote it or where I can buy it? If it IS the MSEP, then I get two Sam Adams.
You're buying tonight!

The Jocker's Wild premiered on 9/4/72 and ran until 6/13/75. It was syndicated from 1977 to 1986, then again in 1990-1991. Jack Barry hosted.

The Joker's Wild theme was written by Hal Hidley, who also wrote the theme for Tic Tac Dough, as well as several other game shows produced by Dan Enright.

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Dear Jeff,
I had a tv game show theme cd.I remembered this theme.The theme for the original show was written by Jean Jacques Perrey who wrote Baroque Hoedown used in MSEP.It was called "the savers".Maybe Hal H. wrote a theme for a later version.Here's a webpage with info:

You still lost your bet ticketmediaguy.Right composer,but wrong theme. :)

Maybe I can at least throw in that technicality of the composer... Instead of two I just pay for one beer.

Anyone know where I can find the music?


I was a contestant on the kid's version of Joker's Wild in the early 80s - it was called "Joker Joker Joker"... I'm still trying to get a video taped copy of it.

Believe it or not - there are groups of Game Show video tape collectors just as obsessed as we are - but sadly, none of them have been willing to help me with a trade (as I have no obscure Game Shows on video tape of my own...)
I am one of those obsessed game show collectors myself (with over 5000 episodes of different shows but alas none of Joker, Joker etc. since I didn't tape that when GSN reaired it circa 1998). The original Joker's Wild theme "The Savers" is the one that is similar to the Main Street Electrical Parade and was used on the show's CBS daytime run from 1972-75 and again during its first season in syndication 1977-78 when the Hal Hidey theme replaced it for the rest of its syndicated run to 1986.

Jack Barry hosted until his death in 1984, when Bill Cullen took over for the last two years.


I was about to be a contestant on "Joker, Joker, Joker", but received a letter at the last moment stating that the show was being cancelled and that they weren't going to be able to get me on it.

Darn. But, I'd like to hear those theme songs. I'd like to relive those memories. ;D