OT- Hurricane Frances

Here we go again!!

our dining window

our bedroom window

our computer/guest room...please note the extra care we used in placing the futon tightly to the window. We gotta keep the computers DRY!

Oh, all my Hunchback stuff is put away!

Say a little prayer for Florida!!

(Disney is CLOSED! Saturday and Sunday! Mark your calendars!)

Best of luck to you, too, Tommy--I just wished the same to Sharon--it should be hitting Florida by the time we get up in the morning here in Maine.....



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I'm with you, Tommy. Our "fort" (safe hallway with mattresses, pillows, blankets, etc.) is all ready but not even close to a need to use it. Yet. I'd prefer to keep it that way .

Think I'm gonna hit the hay soon, so I can wake up early enough to watch the storm tomorrow. Just like I did today. Yee-ha.



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Just checking in...4,000,000 people in FL don't have electricity but we're not one of them (yet)...so here I am.

The storm is just awesome. I love weather and am a little bit of a risk-taker (I'm the one who went RIGHT to the edge of the Grand Canyon...the part without the safety bar) so, of course, I HAD to go out into the 40mph winds in front of our house.

And then ran back onto the porch because I'm ALSO a big ol' chicken .

Anyway, we're still here and we're still OK.



Hope you guys all stay safe and free of damage. I've been thinking of you all.

Tommy, the sight of the empty Hunchback shelf is enough to bring a tear to the eye. ;) I know what that's like. Here in Louisiana, on occasion, I've had to pack away all the Poppins stuff.


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I hear that Pleasure Island is closed tonight too, Tommy?

For the most part, it's over, though we're still getting outer bands of Frances every few hours. Some of them are strong but not too bad. Sun isn't out yet but that'd be asking for a LOT today, I think .

Grateful that we never lost utilities this time. Neighbors lost small limbs from trees and roofs already damaged from Charley now had temporary tarps that might or might not have helped (we had 1 loose shingle from Charley. That's it).

Grateful that Ivan is giving us about a week to get a weather radio and portable color TV .



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To SharonKurland and SpectroPluto,

Where do you two live? I live in Poinciana (south of Kissimmee). I think this time the wind was worse than the rain. We only lost power for a while Sunday morning, which was amazing. I think the worst part of the whole storm was Monday morning, when that band of tornadic storms was off to our east. They must have missed us by maybe 10 miles. My mom estimates we were in our closets for 26 whopping hours. We lost some shingles in places that we had already lost shingles due to the last storm.

Before the storm, we took all of our Disney collectibles off our shelves and walls and put them in closets and drawers to keep them safe. That took 1 1/2 days!

I'm just glad we are all still here and safe.

"We'll put our faith and hope on a shooting star."


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I'm in Hunter's Creek. During Charley we apparently had microbusts so we had a LOT of damage then....more trees (laurel oaks in particular) down than up. This time, except for the shingle situation, we have very little damage.

I ordered a color battery-operated TV and a weather radio yesterday. 2-night express. Just in case .