OT: help with internet radio stations

Greetings all,

When I try to listen to any internet radio station, no matter what player I use... it plays for 3 seconds then starts to re buffer and then plays for about 6 seconds and re buffers again and over & over again,etc.

I'm on $#@%**^_ dial up and have, itunes, aol media, real player, windows media player ... all the same problem.

Can anyone help me rectify this situation?


Hi Chuck,

Since you have a fairly consistant problem across the board, I'm guessing it's a slow internet connection. The actual speed of your modem varies depending on the quality of your phone lines and service. It sounds like there just isn't enough speed to play the streams without having to re-buffer. There may be no solution to this with the exception of changing your internet provider. If AOL is your provider, I recommend another dialup service (Like Earthlink), as AOL internet is not very good.
Very hard to get a live broadcast on a dsialkup. If you wish to, start it up and then PAUSE it. The gray bar will continue loading, wait until it isd fully loaded, THEN take a listen....


Disable your pop-up ad blocker.I don't know if this will help,but you could try it.Hope you find the answer to this problem.
Howdy folks,

Now that I have Charter.net high speed every internet radio station plays like a charm ... thanks to all for replying.

Now to get this frazzling alt.binaries thing worked out ... please see other post.

Peace my Disney music & sound friends,