OT - Help Roy! Write the Board about Eisner


On the past thread ?OT- But shocking news- Roy Disney Resigns?, which I?m sure most of you are familiar with, we have discussed the recent shakeup in the Disney board of directors. Subsequently Roy Disney has put up a website ?SaveDisney.com? which can be found at http://www.savedisney.com/ . Recently on this site Roy and Stanley Gold have asked that if you are interested in supporting them and the ouster of Eisner that you ?share your observations and concerns with the Directors at The Walt Disney Company.? A link to the addresses of the three key directors can be found at http://www.savedisney.com/directors.htm

As a Disney lover from near birth it has really hurt me over the last few years to see Eisner and his band of bean counters and lawyers strip mine the Disney legacy. Laying off the artists and other creative people that have given us so much music and laughter over the years. If you have been around this board you have probably seen my anti Eisner rants before. Now its your turn. ;D I believe we might be able to make a difference if we all give the ?three key directors? on the Disney board a piece of our minds, even if they are in Eisner?s pocket as has been widely reported. It would be great to see the return of ?Disney? quality back to the Disney organization. So if you are at all interested please take the time to visit SaveDisney.com and help out Roy and Stanley fight the most powerful, but unentertaining, Disney villain of them all.