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Where did everybody go? There's been no messages for 3 whole days now! Did everybody get a LOT of CDs for CDs the holidays and they're still listening to them?

I got 3 TDR CDs. They're still unwrapped and on The Pile, but y'all know me...I just COLLECT Disney CDs...I don't actually LISTEN to a lot of them for a long, long time . Also got a mini disc recorder so I can make more CD's, perhaps in better quality than my 18-year-old tape recorder .

So what did YOU get for the holidays?



Yep ... this silence is strange ... let's hope it is the silence before the big storm of posts...

Nothing interesting music wise in my christmas packages this year so - unfortunately ... but I guess I will correct this mistake once I'm off to the mall ;-)

You guys know as well as I do that its just a complete lack of anything substantitve to talk about.

Just look at the topic headings on the most recent couple of pages here. Anything interesting about new official albums/tracks/etc.? The only interesting thing here recently was Randy's post about the new system being put in place at DL.

Any new park releases that anyone knows about? I'm surprised I peek in here as often as I do.

Hate to be a downer, but there have been more off-topic posts here lately than on-topic ones because there has been EXTREMELY LITTLE GOING ON IN THE PRODUCTION OF MUSIC AT WALT DISNEY RECORDS--ESPECIALLY IN PARK MUSIC


Ooh! Lizzie McGuire! What a musical find! It's right up there with "The Even Stevens" soundtrack, followed closely by "That's So Raven."



Overview DLRP releases 2003

hmmm ... and I thought it was the year of park music releases ... well in a sort of it was ... at the Disneyland Resort Paris:

1. Disney Cinema Parade CD Single: soundtrack of the parade from WDS at DLRP, all new
2. Princess Parade CD Single: instrumental score of the "new" parade, features the score from the 1992 Disney parade when the park opened, was unreleased so far
3. Disney's Fantillusion Parade CD Single: score of Fantillusion as used in DLRP, only cuts and minor changes to TDL, also includes rerelease of the Tinkerbell's Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks from DLRP
4. Disney Princess CD: full length DLRP exclusive CD with 15 songs from various Princess Movie Soundtracks in English
5. It's Halloween - lo - ween CD Single: the new Halloween Festival song from DLRP, also used in parade, all new
6. Chante, c'est Noel / The Christmas Parade CD Single: the new song for the Christmas Parade, not only in the version of the parade soundtrack, but also in a children's chorus version, as brass version and as piano version and a "dreamy version", all new
7. Need Mag?c The Cast Members Song CD Single: all new song performed by cast members, euro pop style, to benefit UNICEF

oh ... and the rerelease of the "Dancin' (A Catchy Rhythm)" CD single with new cover. Is a true hit with guests of DLRP and was originally written for the Wonderful World of Disney Parade in 1998, is currently used as song in the Princess Parade (and for some other minor things) but is not included in the Princess Parade CD Single. Some of you might actually know it from EPCOT as the song's recording was "sold" to EPCOT were it is used for the Character Bus. You might remember the lyrcis:

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,
It's a Disney kind of day
Glad to see your smiling faces
as we pass along the way
There's lots of fun and laughter here
A-waiting just for you
All you have to do is make a wish
And watch your dreams come true

If you take my hand
Just like Alice
You're in Wonderland
It's magic!
Clap your hands and tap your feet
And shout a bug Hurray!
Mickey and his friends are calling out your name
To join the Disney Parade!

Dancin' a catchy rhythm
Singin' a happy song
Playin' together on holiday
You'll soon be
Dancin' a catchy rhythm
Singin' a happy song
Playin' together on holiday

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,
You're as welcome as can be
Come along and join the big parade
And set your spirits free
You'll laugh and play and soon you'll find
You've made some brand new friends
Here we've got a funny saying that
The magic never ends


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,
It's as simple as can be
To make a little Disney Magic's
Really easy: one, two, three
If you take my hand
You're in Wonderland, Just like Alice (Wonderland)
It's magic!
A wink, a smile and then a touch
of magic pixie dust
You can join the mascarade come on
Get ready for the Disney Parade
We will be


(please note: spelling & capital letters as printed in the lyrics by DLRP)

It's sung by a young woman's voice with a chorus...

Anyway ... what I wanted to say was: there were at least some theme park releases at DLRP even so nothing really big (even so I really love the new Christmas Parade song).


Dr. Know

All that and no Cinemagique! Ah, crud.

I haven't been able to post lately because of some glitch causing me to get logged out everytime I change pages -- and no, the problem isn't "cookies off."

Lets hope for some great new park music releases in 2004, official and, cough, otherwise.



Unfortunately Dr. Know "great new park music" follows the creation of great new park attractions and as long as Scrooge McEisner is in charge there is little chance of that. Maybe its time to put other Disney events to music in an "inspired by" type album. Songs could include "The Roy Disney March Out Of Here", "Music to Cut Staff By," "Main Street Burned Out Light Bulb Blues," "Parade of the Vendor Carts"" and "Monorail Breakdown..part 223."

You get the idea! The "inspired by" concept could continue to be a Disney Record goldmine. (Music inspired by films Disney turned down i.e. Lord of the Rings) "Music ispired by Disneyland attractions never built." Album includes "Adventure on Thunder Mesa," "Westcot Plaza Medley," and "Geyser Mountain Area Music."

Any other ideas for songs out there? ???

WHEW......well, Sharon, and everyone else who survived another Christmas--Happy New Year!!! At long last, not only has the One Ring been destroyed, but I've finally been released from the clutches of the evil Sandy Claws(me, and I'm sure a few other wasted souls who frequent this site). I did manage to escape his grasp a few times over the past month--for more shopping, snow removal, my son's school project(g-r-r-r-r-r.....), required out-of-state visits, The Return of the King(times 2, so far)--and of course, to play ol' Sandy himself on Christmas Eve(I did poke my nose into the site regularly, just to be sure no "bombs" had been dropped).

But, anyway, it's a new year, and......I think I feel a post or two coming(all types of constipation must eventually come to an end)! Free at last(well.... almost.....the tree, etc. will still need to come down at some point.....)!


P. S. The music never stops fortunately......for Christmas, got 2 more of the "Wonderland Music" LP/CD releases(more on that later), listened to the Blind Boys of Alabama's(remember Brother Bear?) Christmas CD, and for a ghoulish, Christmas change of pace, the Cryptkeeper's Christmas CD--nice companion to the HMH CD--yes, an eclectic musical collection is what it's called.......and for anyone who enjoyed the Bulgarian Women's Choir singing "Transformation" in Brother Bear, their haunting vocals can be heard on a CD available through amazon which I've just listened to, "Voices of Life."