OT: Happy Thanksgiving


I would like to wish all of the posters here a Happy Thanksgiving. I enjoy Disney music as you all do and I enjoy reading your posts and contributions. It has been a wonderful year for Disney music and the best I have ever seen. I am thankful for Randy Thorton and all his effort this year and how Thankful we are for the Disneyland Audio Tour. I have plenty of things to give thanks for this year.

Feel free to reply with your own greetings if you wish.


My Christmas Wish: that Randy would release a Disneyland Audio Tour part II. With alternate shows such as the recent great moments with Mr. Lincoln, Main St. Cinema Music, different main street tracks, a People mover re-creation, Mission to Mars, a new Space Mountain build, a different circlevision show, new recordings of the Disneyland Band and other artists, New Orleans Square Funeral Party exerpts, the New version of the Pirates of the Carribean, the new version of the Lanai Garden and shortened version of the Tiki Room show, different tracks from the stockade and Big Thunder Mountain RR, a couple of tracks from the Village Haus, alternate versions of the darkrides that are more faithful to what we see now, alternate carousel tracks, a big thunder ride thru, a live cruise through the jungle cruise without skipper talk and even using camarata's BGM, unreleased tracks from Aladdin's other lamp, new saxophone music (let's give minnie's yoo hoo a rest), no swanee river music, new attraction announcements, Disneyland welcome announcements, a tram to the park build, a current Splash Mountain build, a disneyland RR build (yes, it can be done), a couple of music tracks from the keelboats and tom sawyer's island, Little Mermaid Under the Sea Calypso music, theme to Club Buzz, Innoventions BGM and Tom Morrow Intro, pre-show music from Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, a rocket rods track (music), Voodoo lady in New Orleans exerpts, tracks from other Disneyland regular acts, Space stage announcements, Videopolis theme, Mark Twain steamboat music tracks, a Columbia track that is identical to what we hear now, a long overdue Rod Miller Disneyland Medley, the 50th year celebration ceremony edited, and I can think of lots more. The parade and nightime cd with parade of dreams, past firework show music and announcements, and an ultra build of the main street electrical parade including all music and the bug sounds.