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Don't know if it's made many headlines yet but John Hench has passed away. Here's the official notice sent out to WDI employees. I know it's standard but does it bother that Eisner is eulogizing this great man?

Walt Disney Imagineering Memorandum
> To: All Imagineers Date: February 5, 2004
> From: Marty Sklar Extension: 8223-7251
> Subject: The Passing of John Hench
> I regret to inform you that our friend and mentor, the true
> John Hench passed away of heart failure during the night. He is
> survived by his wife, Lowry.
> A memorial celebration of John's life and accomplishments is being
> planned and will be held in a few weeks. A private family service
> will also be held; in lieu of flowers John's family requests that
> contributions be made to Providence St. Joseph's Foundation
> (Cardiology Department).
> John was an original, not just a Disney original, but an original,
> period. In May, he would have celebrated his unprecedented 65th
> in The Walt Disney Company, during which time his achievements are
> perhaps exceeded only by those of Walt Disney himself. (On
> night at the Alex Theater in Glendale I have the honor to accept,
> John, The Winsor McCay Award from the International Animated Film
> Society, "in recognition of a lifetime career contributions to the
> of animation.")
> In a statement for release to the media, Michael Eisner said: "John
> Hench taught me and so many others about the essence of the Disney
> legacy. He was at Walt's side during the creation of so much
> entertainment and continued to be a vital creative force for our
> company right up until the end. John will be greatly missed by
all of
> us who were privileged to work with him and by everyone who
> Disney family entertainment. For years he held the torch high and
> he has passed it on."
> We will all sorely miss the advice, critiques, design and
> about the Disney parks and resorts, and about life and learning,
> conveyed to everyone he touched. Fortunately, he left us a
> of "how to" examples, embodied especially in his book, Designing
> Disney - Imagineering and the Art of the Show, published last fall.
> And of course, he left us an archive full of sketches and paintings
> and ideas.
> One of the last true Walt Disney icons has left us. How fortunate
> are as Imagineers, and as human beings, that John Hench touched our
> professional and personal lives.
> Marty

Jessica L

Oh no... :'(

I will miss Mr. Hench very much - I've always enjoyed his beautiful paintings and designs. My thoughts and prayers go his family at this time...

As the list of true Disney living legends has, once again, shrunk, John's loss is ever so much more painful in this time of artistic crisis in the Walt Disney Company.

One of the more important pieces in my Disney "museum" is a signed print of the cover of a Peter Pan Golden Book John worked on back in the Fifties. When I spotted it hanging on the wall at "The Art of Disney" at Epcot a few years ago, I recognized it as the cover of my old Peter Pan book; when I discovered it was actually John's work, I knew I had to have it! I still have my VERY well-used book; John's been with me a long time--thank you for the memories, Mr. Hench.

So, does it bother me that Mr. Eisner has some words to say for the media about John--not necessarily. Does it bother me that his words are hollow--yes, it does.