OT - Goodbye Captain .. Oh My Captain

I just have to say my goodbye to a piece of my childhood. My friend has died.

Bob Keeshan - 'Captain Kangaroo' Dies at 76

I have my first memories of this show, in Black and White. I was the generation before Sesame Street and after MMClub.. Early 60s, contemparary of John John.

Bob Keeshan was my tutor and friend. I did not have to share him with a studio audience. Besides Uncle Walt, Captain Kangaroo was my regular diet of TV morals and lessons. I remember him fondly, Mr Moose, Mr Green Jeans and the rest with warm and fuzzy memories. He is a piece of my childhood gone. "He was an original ..And we shall never see his like again..."

Jeff in Orange County

NPR report
"He was a happy accident."

I too will miss the Captain. Actually, I always missed him, because his show is one of the few that is impossible to see anywhere, except perhaps at the Museum of Television.

The first time I colored on the TV screen was while watching him do a drawing lesson.

He's up there with Fred Rogers, Jim Henson, and Walt now.


I too will miss him greatly. Like many others, I grew up on Captain Kangaroo. Oh, those ping pong balls...

The first time I colored on the TV screen was while watching him do a drawing lesson.

The first time? You did it more than once? ;D

Thanks for an appropriate OT tribute, Jeff--both my wife and I paused for a moment yesterday morning when we heard the news.

You know, it would be nice to be able to see some of those old shows; maybe the reason many of us feel the way we do about Walt is because we're constantly reminded of him through audio-visual materials, magazines, books, etc.--not the same for the Captain.

I miss Shari Lewis, too--but at least she's digitalized now, as her first Golden Record is on CD--brings back the memories.....and the smiles(my son was even able to catch some of Shari before her untimely passing).