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I dont know if you guys saw this, but It looks like somthing big is happening at the Enchanted Tiki this Fall. Now whether BIG means good or bad is still a big question....but heres the story from Mouse Planet itself:

Tiki Terror

In a recent letter to cast members, Disneyland Resort President Matt Oiumet wrote, "Audio-animatronics have come a long way since the Enchanted Tiki Room opened, and a rehab is coming this fall to refresh the show. But if you want to find a little piece of the magic today, I encourage you to see it right away."

These comments have Tiki Room fans concerned. Some interpret the letter to mean that the Disneyland attraction would receive the same type of "rehab" that resulted in the horrid "Under New Management" show at Walt Disney World. The attraction is scheduled to close in September and reopen in November. Only time will tell if we get our original show back, or some "modern" Britney- and Jessica-inspired version.

Has anyone heard anything....is there any info floating around?

If they DARE change the DL show to U.N.M (or anything for that matter) The closest i'll come to the attraction is to get a Dole Whip, BUT THAT'S IT!


well i hope we hear more info soon whatthe hell are they thinking if they change it to that crappy show they have in fl the disneyworld tiki room is so bad its painful to even look at the tiki house hidden behind that piece of crap ride the magic carpets there ain't to magic there.I was gonna take my mom to see the tiki room now i guess i have to speed up my trip plans and hurry befoe esiners axe kills another one of walts dreams :'(


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I think everybody needs to calm down a bit about this. I've also seen this topic on other discussion forums and everybody is getting upset. Why don't we wait and see what actually happens. It's just a letter, and no facts have come of it other than a rehab in September.

Besides, judging by all of the good changes this current president has already implemented. I don't think he'll be tearing it down to build a retail location...

I wouldn't mind seeing an update to the AA's, or an English version of TDL's "Get the Fever". But, it's all speculation at this point.

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I agree with Ben. While I love the original show I rarely go to see it. When I do it's more out of obligation to show the park that that sort of show is still entertaining. But during the show I'm bored out of my mind. You can only watch the same thing so many times. It doesn't even have the advantage that other AA shows have of being able to admire some clever realistic programming. The birds do very little to attract the eye. As I said, I love the Tiki Room and it is a classic. But you can't perform the same show indefinately and expect no one to get bored.

That said i believe that the consensus by the fans as well as the Company is that the Under New Management show didn't work. I don't think we have to worry about that show popping up in CA, though we have no gaurantees that a replacement will be any better. Frankly while TDL's version is a bit more respectful of the whole shows spirit, I think it's a bit weak as well. I don't know what they could put in there that would satisfy everyone. But with such a short refurb time I'm guessing that the changes will be mostly programming. Any cosmetic work would most likely be minor. At this point only the Tiki Gods know for sure....


you know I was thinking about it...it says Audio Animatronics have advanced since the show open...I really dont think they are replace it or bringin in an already exsisting show...at DL they dont really do that...they just update the classic rides with enhancements but keep them farely normal. No Phantom Manor music for the HM, Mr Lincoln is still Mr Lincoln...sort of...

Honestly, I think we can expect the Enchanted Tiki Room , either as the same show with really cool AA birds and tiki gods, plus some amazing in theater effects...or A new show in the spirit of the original...tighter with the new AA birds...etc etc etc...lets just wait and see what happens...either way Im quite excited about the possiblities

Hmmm.....maybe Disneyland will get "The Peoplemover Thru The American ALWEG Carousel of Country Pineapples In Inner Liquid Space" .........presented by our friends at Del Monte.



BenC - What sites are these discussion forums on? Id like to check them out.

Also, does anyone remember how long it took to change over Tropical Serenade to Under New Management?
Walt's turn......

OK, now it's time for Walt to put in a word or two:

"Disneyland is like a piece of clay, if there is something
I don't like, I'm not stuck with it. I can reshape and

"Whenever I go on a ride, I'm always thinking of what's
wrong with the thing and how it can be improved."

I'm certainly as much of a traditionalist as any of you who love Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. I grew up with Walt's weekly Sunday night "sermons," and finally got the opportunity to visit "Mecca," better known as Disneyland in 1967(the year Pirates opened!). But might some gentle, respectful change to the Tiki Room be acceptable, to ease it into the 21st century?

Granted, when my Disney "renaissance" began in 1998, I was greeted with the "Under New Management" version at WDW; I'm only familiar with the original show through the soundtrack recording originally issued on vinyl, and now happily re-released on CD at Disneyland--it's become a cornerstone of my Walt Disney music collection.

Certainly the new show was a radical departure musically from the original--I don't think that the Tiki Room birds were ever meant to "get down, get funky"--and I don't care for those musical styles. But there are some good things about the show, which is a part of every WDW trip. An interesting storyline was introduced into the show, as well as new characters, Iago and Zazu, characters my son has grown up with, familiar faces he and the other children of his generation can immediately be interested in(Randy even saw fit to put Iago's song on WDW's OA). And surprisingly, there was even a "villain" in the show now, the Tiki goddess of disaster, which picks up the pace--a villain is always a big plus in my son's book(and mine, for that matter).

So, maybe if the right people are involved(Mike, you're not invited), and appropriate care given, maybe some non-radical change can be introduced to the Tiki Room, change that won't anger the Tiki gods--change that might even make Walt smile.

"I can never stand still. I must explore and experiment.
I am never satisfied with my work. I resent the limitations
of my own imagination."
--Walt Disney



you know...rereading the quote from Mr Ouimet, especially the part that says, "But if you want to find a little piece of the magic today, I encourage you to see it right away" It sounds like somthing has ALREADY been changed in the Tiki Room that relates to the rehab...Has anyone been back in past week or two? Has anyone seen anything?

Hmmmm :)


OK, Al Lutz just posted this over on MiceAge:

And for all of those Tiki Room fans who are so worried that the tacky "New Management" show from Walt Disney World (WDW) might show up in Anaheim, relax. We told you in the last update that the Tiki Room rehab this Fall will just be a freshening of the existing show, and that is still the case. It seems the structure itself is infested with termites, and there is a lot of wood damage that needs to be fixed. And in the process, Matt Ouimet and Marty Sklar cooked up an extra-cost plan to give the entire show the TLC it so deserves. If things stay on track, as Ouimet just recently promised, the Tiki Room will reopen by Christmas looking crisper and cleaner than it has in over a decade.

And if Marty has his way with the sharp pencil boys, the animatronic "Barker Bird" will return to the entrance of Adventureland to entice people into the Tiki show. That infamous bird calling out to passing tourists below had to be removed in the mid 1960's because animatronics were still so new and bewildering to Americans then that the simple sight of a robotic bird would cause traffic jams on the Adventureland bridge. But now that a simple animatronic bird isn't the space-age exotica it once was, Marty would like to return that feature to the attraction's entrance. Besides, with how bad the overcrowding and traffic flow can become in the Fastpass era, a hopelessly gridlocked walkway wouldn't bother a Disneyland manager now like it would have in 1964.

Now if they can only get those kids working at the Tiki Room out of those bland khaki uniforms and back into the wonderfully kitschy Hawaiian shirts and dresses they wore for the show's first 35 years, they'd really have something!

Veeeeery interesting :D


OK, Al Lutz just posted this...
Well, what do you know? Al got it mostly right. (Don't strain your eyes looking for the barker bird, though. He won't be coming back to roost.)

Beware the rerecorded show audio...