OT - DL Buzz Lightyear :D


I was at DL last week and looked (as well as I could) over the construction wall around Circlevision and the whole waiting area is totally gutted. No more hallway, no more dry wall, just the bare metal skeleton. I didnt know what they are planning on, but it should be really good :)

Just thought you'd like to know :)


A CM on IntercotWest said he's had to walk through that building many times since construction started, and he said it IS Buzz Lightyear, he's seen it with his own eyes. ;)



Yup, they are feverishly trying to get the Buzz attraction up and running to have something 'new' to show the masses when they start the 50th Anniversary celebration.

Still rumored is the Subs re-opening and something cookin' on the PeopleMover/Rocket Rods track. But, just rumors at this point.