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Want to hear a funny story? I started watching Schoolhouse Rock the year it went on the air...I was 7. And all the years I watched and listened to it (through age 11 or 12, then the sucky "School House ROCKS!" CD, then the official CD set), I always thought that Jack Sheldon was African-American. To my ear, some of his words just had a (stereotypical) sound to them that made me think that. Not that it was bad, nor that I cared...that's just how it was....you hear a voice, you get an image in your head and my image for him was that his skin was signficantly darker than mine.

ANYWAY....my husband got me the DVD set for my birthday. Didn't get a chance to watch it until last month. Was watching the behind the scene stuff and wasn't *I* surprised when I found out he was caucasian! Only took me 30 years to find it out! .

(who was on the 7-night Disney Cruise...that'swhy I was quiet all week)


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Nope. Bob Dorough did a vast majority of the voices and singing of SR songs, but not Bill or Conjunction Junction.

Some of Bob's songs were Lolly Lolly Lolly (all 3 voices, actually), Three is a Magic Number and Lucky Seven Sampson. Bob's voice is not as deep as Jack's.



>>Do you know if Jack did the vocals for the? "Amendment" parody on the Simpsons?? Sound like the same voice as "Bill"
He is the voice of "Mr. Sensitivity" on Johnny Bravo on the Cartoon Network..... not that I watch Cartoon Network all that much.... these days....

I also found out that Jack plays his trumpet on some Sundays at a resturaunt in Hollywood called "MACELLI's" (sp?).
I finally bought tickets to see LIKE JAZZ in Los Angeles. GREAT SHOW! It also has Lillias White in it. Her bio says that she was in Disney's Hercules (I'm guessing she was a muse).

Anyway, if you get a chance, I highly suggest this fun show. I think they have some discount available on their web site. ;D

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Lillias White was the Head Muse Calliope in Hercules.

Interesting that in his Bio, Eisner takes credit for the whole concept of School House Rocks, during his time at ABC in the 70's.