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If you're a fan of Disney park books, you might check out "Disney Mountains" by Jason Surrell. It's chock full of preproduction artwork and concept art ala his tomes on The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. It also has some great background information on some rides that never made it (Thunder Mesa and Big Rock Candy Mountain) and, of course, on those that did. It's also got a worldwide focus with a (short) chapter devoted to the incredible volcano at Tokyo DisneySea and a section on DLP's Space Mountain.

I would love to see him work his way around the parks with these attraction related books!
Thanks Bill, didn't know about the book--I'll clear some room on the shelf next to his other two classics. My main interest in the park books has always been the preproduction and concept artwork, which is why Marc Davis has always been one of my favorite Disney artists, ever since I bought all of his Pirates of the Caribbean postcards when we first visited Disneyland in 1967, which was long before I was to discover who the artist was who did those wonderful drawings.



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Apparently, in the new book, there is concept art for what the makover at DCA will look like. Granted, who knows what the final outcome will be, but it's fun to see where they might go with it.

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Yeah there are 3 pieces of art of Grizzly Peak done in 2007 which show real minor changes. 2 show a train winding around the peak and one shows a more Woodsy look for the Condor Flats area. That's about it, but neat nonetheless.

Bill, didn't you come away from the book thinking it was spread too thin? I mean they could really do a whole book just on Space mountain or just on Big Thunder (including Western River). I'm glad they did the book, but it was mostly repeat info (lots from E TIcket Magazine) and very little new artwork.