OT: Disney Magazine is discountinued


Yep ... couple weeks ago I read (another board) that DM would be cancelled. Hoped that it was rumor .... however, my Summer 2005 issue (Disneyland 50th collectors edition) arrived with a paper cover reading " Please Read" ...

It stated that DM was ceasing publication after careful review and we could get a refund or one of two subscriptions (Family Fun or Disney Adventures) ....

I know that I get more info from the net (faster & more of) but I really liked putting my hands on it and reading it. Plus, it also had products advertised and articles that made me want more Disney .....

BTW, there is a really good article about Disney Music and Randy in the last issue ...

Call 1-800 333 8734 and let them know how you feel about them ceasing publication.

My issue arrived today :'( As a subscriber of 30 years (yes 30 i started it 13years old)i was saddened to hear of its demise. I knew it in the beginning as Disney news....it was very much Park Specific as it included operating calendars for the parks.....admission....new attraction news ... and small articles on recent films or goings on with wonderful world of disney. I still have all my issues safely boxed away. A similar version appeared at the Disneyland Hotel called Vacationland...although with advertising. So sad to see a great magazine buried. Over the years it matured and grew..... and somewhere along the line .... probably due to internet access and news available there...lost some focus. The original Disney News magazine felt like something Walt Disney Himself could have be producing had he still been alive...even into the 1970's and 1980's. His legacy was felt in its pages... sadly....no more. I'll miss it.
I'm so glad you posted this...I bought the issue at the store the other day and can't find any mention in the magazine about it discontinuing.
It's weird actually. Obviously the decision to discontinue the magazine was made after it went to press.... it still invites readers to put in submissions for the BULLETIN BOARD section of the magazine. It's only on the subscription outer cover does it speak to subscribers.
I'm not surprised that it wasn't a planned cease in operations.

Many companies end their fiscal year in June and this is the time when budgets are reviewed and programs, people and vendors are let go.