OT, but somewhat urgent, Poppins/CoP question

Hey folks - gotta question for anyone who can help.

I noticed that the robins from the "Spoonful of Sugar" sequence of Mary Poppins look exactly like those in the Carousel of Progress. In the new DVD Audio Commentary, Richard Sherman remarked, "That bird ended up in the 1964 Carousel of Progress."

The big question is, are the Poppins birds in WALT DISNEY WORLD'S current Carousel of Progress?

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I have no idea for sure, but....

1. Disney has ALWAYS been well-known for "recycling"
2. AA's, even ones as simple as the birds, were undoubtedly very expensive in the mid-1960's....and what ELSE would they be doing with them?

With visions of people flocking to COP to look at the bird ,

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It's funny, I remember seeing footage of these birds on one of the Disney shows, as part of the CoP but I didn't think they were actually in the attraction. My experience of the attraction only touches on it's last 2 incarnations, and to my recollection, there's nothing but a painted backdrop outside the windows. But I could be wrong about previous versions (or later ones for that matter). Perhaps Mr. Sherman remembers the same footage and just confused it with real life?
Mr. Sherman was referring to the Worlds Fair bird, but I'm 85% sure there are two bird animatronics in the left window of scene 1 in the current CoP.


From my reshearch the birds in act one are th ebirds that were used in mary poppins.But though the years they may have updated them or replaced them since 1964.