OT: Bruce Broughton Exclusive



Since I seem to have been disinvited to participate in the OTHER Bruce Broughton thread, I thought I'd start my own. (This is just an assumption, but it did say "ON TOPIC" postings only...which seems to exclude me.) So I thought I'd post some little known facts about Mr. Bruce Broughton. Feel free to chime in.

Bruce Broughton doesn't wear underwear.

Bruce Broughton pretends to like watermelon.

Bruce Broughton eats his own belly button lint.

Bruce Broughton doesn't recycle.

Bruce Broughton likes warm summer rain and long walks.

Bruce Broughton secretly likes that no one can buy his park music.


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Another slight correction: Bruce Broughton only secretly likes that WDWGuy08 cannot buy his park music. I think he feels bad for the rest of us.

[Just kidding WDWGuy08]


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And if he did that, Bill, just think of the possibilities! You could come here and brag about it, and tell everyone that you will trade if they go to the parks and buy you CD's. Or, give you unreasonable amounts of music files in exchange. Or every WDW rehearsal tape/CD ever made. Doesn't that sound like a good idea? :)