OT: Article on Disney Animation

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I'm with Bill on this one. We are lamenting not only the closing of Studios but also the loss of Feature Animation as an art form. While some of the more recent TV sequels are very well done in Style and Animation, they aren't the same. We are all grateful that Television animation continues to exist to employ several hundreds of Traditional animators who have been layed off from Feature studios. But these two kinds of films, while achieved through similar techniques, differ a great deal in process and final product. Usually preproduction and limited drawing is done domestically and most of the animation shipped overseas to Australia and the like. This usually results in a product that looks and moves vastly different from a Feature Animated Production. For Television, budgets are smaller, not only because foriegn animators get payed less but also because less priority is given to perfecting story and design, things which sometimes take 2 or 3 or 4 passes to correct, eating money all the while.
I don't mean to make this sound like a National Pride issue. That's definately not what it is. If Disney decided to move all of their Feature Animation traditional artists to Zimbabwe and start work on the next great animated classic, I'd pack up my portfolio and be on the next plane.