OT: An Open Letter to Sharon Kurland



Sharon, darling, WHAT is going on?!

I was told that someone is usurping my cherished place as your arch-nemesis and that I'd better sign on if I wanted to defend my title. I have to say, after reading your battling posts, it seems to me much ado about nothing. I've never seen you get so worked up about anyone, including me. And I PURPOSELY tried to annoy you. Please, take a pill, sweetheart, and remember who your REAL enemy is.

Muah ha ha ha ha ha.




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Hon, if I didn't constantly second-guess myself, I'd think that Ghost Host is you, in disguise. And I'm not completely convinced that's not true. It's not like we've ever seen you both in the same room at the same time.....

And if not, heck, I'm just sharpening my blades on him...they've gotten mighty dull with you barely around for months on end. I want to be PREPARED when the time comes that I need to bite your head off .

Love and kisses,


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Sharon's been evil for YEARS...she just generally behaves on this board. You'd be PROUD of what evilness I am capable of accomplishing. BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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