OT: "A Day at the Disney-MGM Studios" video?


I've found "A Day at the Magic Kingdom" and "A Day at EPCOT Center" souvenier videos on eBay. Apparently these were sold individually and as a set in 1991. Does anyone know if "A Day at the Disney-MGM Studios" or a similar video featuring the recently opened theme park was ever produced or sold?

I wanting to combine these videos on a DVD, but want to make sure I have a complete set before I embark on such a project. Thanks in advance for any information, and sorry for being slightly "off-topic".

- Z?rp-D-Dee-Doo-Dah!


"A Day At the Disney Studios" was released in 1995 and was also later included as part of a 3 tape set with the "A Day At the Magic Kingdom" and "A Day At Epcot Center" tapes.


Since WDW didn't stop selling the videos until late 2000, you can still find a stray copy of "a day at the disney studios" at some of the lesser travelled merchandise shops. If you're doing a search on eBay for it, the official title of the video is "A Day at the disney studios" (the MGM part was omitted).